A Conversation with ANZIE

A few months ago, I was introduced to ANZIE, an amazing Montreal based jewelry line. Not simply beautiful pieces, ANZIE creations are produced in an ethical and responsible manner with a real attention paid to social responsibility. From partnering with local artisans and sourcing only conflict free stones, to on-going support of multiple charitable partners, ANZIE has an admirable commitment to being an outstanding corporate citizen and partner. With Anzie Stein, family matriarch and namesake at the artistic helm, along with daughters Jaclyn and Joanna, the line has flourished since its launch over a decade ago. With Stein’s creator’s passion and artist’s eye, ANZIE is a beautiful mix of luxury and accessibility. Intended to be worn every day, the pieces are just as easily worn for black tie and formal occasions. I myself wear the Cléo Triangle Studs, a Boheme Bracelet, and the Classique Round Stackable Hammered Ring with a perfectly delicate little emerald (in honor of madam’s birth month) almost daily. The ring in fact has yet to come off my finger since bringing it home. Even madam has her own special piece of ANZIE with her own little Boheme Bracelet to match mine.

With this introduction, it’s most likely abundantly clear that I’m quite the fan of ANZIE and I’m so thrilled to introduce you to Anzie Stein through the interview below. You’ll not only fall in love with her stunning creations, but you’ll also be totally captivated by just how she got started. To scoop up your own ANZIE pieces, you can shop on-line and at leading jewelry retailers worldwide.

There’s an incredible story behind the creation of ANZIE, would you mind sharing it?

It started with a bracelet to raise awareness for Colon Cancer. My husband is a survivor of this cancer. From the one bracelet, which started out as a hobby, it became a family business. That bracelet became the “Lifesaver” bracelet, which, many versions later, is still part of our collection today.

Creating & making jewelry is my therapy. It helped me get through a lot.


Where do you find inspiration when creating new pieces and collections?

We always aim to create items that are wearable for everyday “everyday luxury”. Nature is our primary inspiration- florals, leaves, celestial skies, drops of water are always recurring elements within our collection.


What are some of your favourite pieces for day-to-day wear?

I love anything gold! We have a double star stud, which looks like an ear crawler that’s fun and playful which I often pair with long chains layered together. I’m always most excited with my large Moonstone ring. It’s a great statement ring, yet the smooth cut of the stone makes it perfect for day to day. Our Boheme beaded bracelets are an easy go-to for a punch of color!


What are some of your favourite pieces for special occasions?

Our Morganite & White Gold one-of-a-kind collection is my black-tie favourite or our one-of-a-kind Aztec large Gold cuff with Diamonds.


There’s a real sense of social responsibility and community involvement with ANZIE, what are some of the organizations you support?

Yes, philanthropy is very much a core belief within our company. We support the CCAC now Colorectal Cancer Canada, the Jewish General Hospital, the Cure Foundation and many more.


What are some of your favourite stones to work with and why?

My personal favourite is Moonstone, either in of rainbow or blue quality. Its mystical presence & iridescence makes them great to pair with so many outfit colors.

Diamonds because they make me feel special when I wear them, but also because they add such dazzling touch when set with other gemstones.

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is another favourite because it just enhances the features of anyone wearing it- instant pick-me-up. I wear it year round!


Are there any trends in jewelry that you really love or excited about?

I love wearing pieces that can be layered/ stacked- whether jewelry or clothes! I gravitate to more delicate or simplistic styles in order to layer the jewelry as much as possible & create interesting looks. The goal however, is that it has to look effortless and not overthought!


Are there any trends in jewelry that you’re over?

I’m never over a trend, when we produce styles I wear them forever. Once I stop wearing them I eventually go back to them- never forgotten babies!