A Day Out with Diono

Having a child is one of the most incredible yet overwhelming experiences you will have in life. Planning for that child is equally wonderful and overwhelming. There are so many items and things that are marketed as “absolute necessities” for raising your future offspring and it is easy to get sucked in to thinking you need them all. However, beyond love, food, diapers (so, so, soooo many diapers), and a safe place to sleep, the list of absolute necessities can be rather short depending upon your lifestyle and how strong your desire is to not turn your home into a baby boutique. For many, a car seat is one of those true absolute necessities and choosing the right one is an important decision. From safety ratings, to how well the seat will fit in your car, there are many factors when considering what seat to purchase. For Darling Husband and I, we felt it was important to get a car seat that would last the next few years and grow with madam. After oodles of mummy forum reading and a few head scratching visits to local baby boutiques, we very happily brought home the Diono Radian rXT Convertible Car Seat. With its exemplary safety rating, five-point harness, ability to be used up to 120lbs, streamlined design, and sizing that fits perfectly (even rear-facing) in the back seat of Darling Husband’s zippy little sports car, the Radian rXT has been a perfect fit for us. We know that as madam grows, the Radian rXT will be able to convert to each new phase of her development as she transitions to front-facing and eventually into a booster seat.

Quite fortuitously, just as we were looking at purchasing a second Diono car seat for my in-laws, the Diono team reached out and generously offered us the Rainier car seat. Intended to be used from birth to booster, the seat can accommodate a child from 5lbs-120lbs depending upon it being either rear or forward facing, or in the booster configuration. With their large SUV, it was the perfect seat for madam to ride in safety, comfort, and style for an outing to one of our favorite vineyards in Niagara-on-the-Lake during our recent trip. Even with the Rainier being larger than the Radian rXT, my mother-in-law and I could comfortably sit in the back seat with madam while her seat was safely rear-facing. As for instillation, the Diono car seats are so easy to properly install in both our car and my in-law’s SUV thanks to the brand’s unique SuperLATCH system. I also love that seat is built on a full steel frame and has reinforced aluminum sides for maximum safety. Additionally, the extra deep reinforced sidewalls are lined with energy absorbing foam to give the seat superior head and body protection. And for my fellow travel loving parents, the seat folds flat for travel and is FAA certified.

I’m so excited to be teaming up with Diono to offer one of my Canadian readers the chance to win their own Radian rXT. Make sure to pop over to my Instagram {and this photo in particular} to see how easy it is to enter!