A Night at the Symphony

As I was jamming the final pair of shoes into my carryon on Tuesday evening Darling Boyfriend called me. Expecting the usual “how was your day love/what’s for dinner/I’m working late”, I was pleasantly surprised with “do you have a dress? Senior Partner gave us tickets to the symphony tonight.” Obviously, I had quite a few dresses and was beyond excited to be treated to a night listening to the world renowned Orchestre Symphonique Montreal. Not going to lie darlings, I’m a big classical music nerd having spent years training as a classical harpist. So needless to say, I was thrilled to see the orchestra’s final performance in their current concert hall. The evening was presented by Giorgio Armani and the program was amazing, we were even treated to an encore that highlighted the talents of the harpist.

While walking back to our car after the performance, Darling Boyfriend and I came across the perfect place for an impromtu photo-shoot. An interactive art piece had been installed along the side of the concert hall. It was a series of swings and when an individual would swing it produced a single musical note. When in use by multiple people it would produce a totally unique and organic musical composition.



Dress: Temperley London

Coat: Thread Social

Shoes: Bebe

Clutch: Chanel

Hair Band: H&M


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