Adventures by the Sea

See that girl above? See that girl below? That’s my wife!

So while we were in Athens, we decided to head down to the marina and visit a ship museum and a life-size trireme. My dad’s cousins – whom we will refer to as Rambo and Soula – were the ones who took us on this wonderful nautical tour. Rambo is actually in the coast guard, so he knows his way around a ship or two. As you can see from these pics, Jess was dressed for the occasion! Blue + White = A-OK in a Greek’s book!

And for all those men out there, you’ll note I’m sporting the everyman’s staples – cargo shorts with a t-shirt (Jess took me shopping at H&M before we left for our honeymoon). Actually, while on the topic of shopping with Jess, if ever any of you have the pleasure, bring good walking shoes. And pace yourself. Oh, yes, and she darts around everywhere. Presume she will find her way back to you – no sense getting lost amid the clothing racks.

Dress: ASOS – Sandals: Steve Madden – Ring: c/o Lily & Luca – Sunglasses: Stradivarius 

Man Clothes: Cargo shorts: GAP, circa 1998 (There’s actually a hole below the zipper you can’t see in the picture – adds character – I’m good with it.). T-shirt: H&M (more recent). Shades: Ray Ban (And if you’re wearing anything else, throw ’em away).

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  1. A million LOLZ!!!! You guys look very Greek? Nautical? Grautical? Neek?!!! Gorgeous, just the same!

    PS: Greek “Rambo” is probably peeing with glee at being called that!

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