An Evening with Michael Eardley

Montreal is a city with a vibrant fashion scene and I love keeping up with all the new emerging talent that join the more established Montreal design darlings like Denis Gagnon every season. The other week, Darling Husband and I were invited to preview REBIRTH ONE, the spring/summer collection from Michael Eardley at Wunderbar inside the W Hotel. The futuristic feel of this luxe lounge was perfectly suited to the sleek and contemporary silhouettes that Michael showed. A former hockey player turned designer, Michael drew inspiration from the architecture of Zaha Hadid and her 2009 creation, the JS Bach Chamber Music Hall in Manchester. The collection echoed the fluid feel of the hall in its usage of white textured materials, hints of bold prints, and draping.  After this little sneak peek, I’m looking forward to seeing the launch of the rest of the collection. 

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    1. It’s one of my favorite places to have a drink in Montreal, they have another wonderful lounge there as well that’s perfect for a laid back drink.

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