ASOS Florals


Darling Husband and I recently went down to Philadelphia for the wedding of one of my favorite cousins. The wedding was held on the beautiful grounds of the Valley Forge Military Academy where he teaches and the party lasted well into the early morning hours. A note on my father’s side of the family: they’re big, Irish, loving, loud, and love a good party. My aforementioned cousin and his brother have been like brothers to me and because of that, they never liked the guys I dated until they met Darling Husband. On our own wedding day, they warmly embraced him, handed him a drink, and told him they’d hunt him down if he ever hurt me. They’re real charmers.

With all the fun, and maybe cocktails, the last things on my mind that day was capturing proper outfit photos so these were actually snapped back in Montreal. However, this amazing neoprene floral dress from ASOS was perfect for partying the night away and toasting the happy new couple.





Photography: Marcel Cristocea

Dress: ASOS – Shoes: Christian Louboutin – Bag: Chanel via LOVEthatBAG – Sunglasses: Polette