Beauty Roundup


I frequently get asked about my hair care and skin routine so I thought I’d share some of the beauty products that I’ve been using and loving lately.

While I typically don’t wear perfume, when I do, I always seem to reach for soft and feminine scents. Rose De Chloé has been my go to fragrance as of late. I love the soft notes of roses and magnolia that mix beautifully with white musk and amber, the signature scents of the house of Chloé.


Argan oil always seems to be on the list of beauty secrets shared by every supermodel, socialite, and celebrity who swear by it for maintaing their flawless complexions. Since being introduced to Argan Lounge‘s line of skin care, I’ve totally fallen in love with their products and see just why these women swear by the famed oil. I’ve been using the Firming Skin Formula and the Hydrating Formula as part of my regular skin care routine and have been thrilled with the results. Not only does it smell amazing, my skin feels incredibly soft and moisturized. My skin also has a dewiness to it that can be hard to attain thanks to Canada’s difficult weather. I also love that Argan Lounge is a socially and ethically conscious company that sources its oil from a cooperative of women growers that produce the oil in a ecologically mindful and sustainable way.


If you’ve ever flipped through a fashion magazine, you’ve probably come across Mason-Pearson brushes being extolled as the best hair brushes in the world. You probably then noticed their price, rolled your eyes, and kept on flipping. I know I did and until my mother picked one up for me, there would have no way I’d spend $200 on a hair brush. Then I started using the Junior Mixture brush that is a mix of nylon and boar bristles and I actually see the value, especially since the brushes are made to last. They actually come with cleaning and care instructions and a tool to brush your brush. It might sounds ridiculous but the brush demolishes tangles with total ease and my hair is honestly so silky and soft after brushing.

Since I maintain my blonde with a bit (lot) of help from my talented colorist, I’m especially careful in the summertime when the sun is extra strong and days spent in the pool can strip your hair. I especially love Kerastase’s Soleil line of products that are intended to protect color treated hair against these very concerns. From a pre-exposure protector to a post-sun shampoo, these two products are key for making sure my blonde doesn’t turn yellow or dull.


I’m the first to admit, I’m pretty obsessive about my skin care. I avoid direct sun exposure like a Twilight vampire, wear the biggest hats and sunglasses possible, and use a sunscreen on my face intended for post-op facelift patients. Because of this, I’m also a firm believer in investing in and finding quality products that work for you. I’ve been using a Kate Somerville regime for the past 6 months and I’ve seen such positive results in my complexion. There’s a reason why this beloved line has amassed countless awards and a loyal following. I’ve been using the Deep Tissue Repair moisturizer, Nourish Daily moisturizer, CytoCell Dark Circle Corrective Eye Cream, Dermal Quench Liquid Lift, Quench Hydrating Face Serum, and ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating treatment. It might seem like a serious time commitment in the morning or the end of the day, but the beautiful condition of my skin has made these extra steps very worthwhile.


Another hair-care line that I’ve been using and loving is KLORANE. Anytime top hairstylists are interviewed about their must have products, they always seems to site KLORANE dry shampoo as being the best on the market. There’s a reason this cult French beauty brand is still considered one of the best in the business after decades and it’s their commitment to producing only the highest quality products made with only the best natural ingredients.

Since I only wash my hair once a week (my secret for maintaining soft healthy hair and keeping my color fresh), dry shampoo is a total necessity for me towards the end of the week. I’m in total agreement that KLORANE really does produce an amazing dry-shampoo. It totally does the trick without being over-scented or powdery like many of its competitors. I’ve also been using the Leave-In Cream with Desert Date and the Shampoo with Centuary for shine enhancing and color protection.