Biologique Recherche: The Best Facial Ever.

It’s no secret I’m a wee bit obsessed with skin care. Time and time again, I’ve extolled the importance of finding the right products for your skin and its needs and I’ve all but waxed poetic on my digital soapbox about the importance of sunscreen. I frequently receive messages asking me about where I recommend getting a facial here in Montreal and in my hometown of Philadelphia. While I’ve had some wonderful facials here in Montreal, I’ve had trouble finding a facial that rivaled the LUXE Facial at Rescue Spa in Philadelphia that I was rather addicted to before I moved to Montreal. I thought I had found the ultimate in facials with this treatment. Every facial that I had following my move from Philadelphia was measured against my personal LUXE Facial standard and while I had some very positive experiences, I always felt my treatments fell a bit short. However, little did I know that there existed the signature Biologique Recherche facial and it was possible to have one of these highly specialized and totally customized treatments right her in Montreal.

Unbeknownst to me, Montreal had an amazing skin care gem tucked away on Parc Avenue at the discreet but highly renowned clinic called PH Santé Beaute. I recently discovered that there exists here in Montreal – and I do not bestow this title lightly – the best facial I have ever had. That’s right darlings, I have found facial nirvana and it’s the authentic Biologique Recherche facial performed by my new facial guru Suzie at PH Santé Beauté. I’ve touched on my love of Biologique Recherche products briefly in a previous article but I’ve never had the privilege of having one of their actual facials before. In fact, I’ve even tried to book a facial at their famed Parisian Ambassade De La Beauté in Paris but have never been lucky enough to secure one of their coveted appointments.  When I was recently invited to experience my unicorn of facials, I jumped at the chance.

With their innovative approach, there’s nothing quite like a Biologique Recherche facial. For those who’ve had a facial, you’re probably familiar with the typical experience of deciding on a treatment based of a menu of pre-formulated facial options. Once chosen, the facial probably involves steam to open your pores, multiple creams and cleansers applied in a routine format, possibly a masque, and a whole lot of warm wet towels. Sometimes the treatment can work wonderfully, other times you might find little to no improvement in your skin tone and condition. However, Biologique Recherche takes a three-pronged approach that begins with a thorough assessment, followed by the initialization stage which prepares the skin for treatment, and finishes with the treatment stage. By acknowledging that each individual’s skin is totally unique and that skin concerns and condition change daily, each Biologique Recherche facial is customized to the client’s concerns or in their parlance, “skin instant”, on the day they are receiving the treatment. Additionally, by addressing the root of skin issues, Biologique Recherche facials and products are not only effective in the immediate but also the long term. The three-pronged approach is the only standard part of a Biologique Recherche facial, the combination of products used for each treatment is totally customized to the client’s “skin instant” resulting in a treatment that is highly effective and downright luxurious.

I walked into my treatment with skin care goddess/esthetic powerhouse Suzie of PH Santé Beauté having high, but cautious, expectations. To say she blew me away is an understatement. I walked out of my appointment with skin that looked like it was literally glowing from within. The day after, and subsequent days after that, my skin has continued to glow and my foundation has remained largely unused. I’m already counting down the days until my next treatment with Suzie. I know that not only will the facial be highly effective (and who am I kidding, totally relaxing), but also totally unique and formulated to just what my skin needs at that moment.

Beloved by skin care junkies, beauty editors, celebrities, and this skin care obsessed blogger alike, Biologique Recherche has developed a devoted following for one simple reason. Their products work. Very. Very. Very well. While these products sound like they might be hard to get one’s hands on, you’re in luck darlings! Thanks to The Principle Brands and their founder Mariam White’s commitment to bringing some of the most incredible beauty brands to the Canadian market, you can scoop up Biologique Recherche products at select locations across Canada.  So if this love letter to the most amazing facial I have ever had has not convinced you to give Biologique Recherche a try yet, just wait until I introduce you to some of the products from their product line that you can use at home!