Black Mini and a Fedora

I know it must be bad blogger form to post one black dress after another, but so be it. The reality is, sometimes it’s just easy to throw on a black dress and have fun dressing it up or down. We all probably have our fair share of little or long black dresses in our closet and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. A black dress is a wonderful sartorial canvas if you will, an easy starting point from which to build a look. That’s just what I did with this little black dress. By pairing it with casual flip-flops and a fedora, I turned an average run of the mill little black dress into a perfect Saturday in the city look. As for the red lipstick I’m, it’s my new obsession, Cerise by Chantecaille. It’s pretty much my perfect shade of red and has the most wonderful creamy application.

Hat: Michael Stars 

Dress: LA Made

Sunglasses: Joe Fresh

Flip-flops: Burberry 

Bag: Tory Burch

Bracelets: Forever 21

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  1. Hi sweetie,sorry its been soooo long but i having huge internet problems! So please don’t think i’ve stopped looking at your blog or anything like that.

    Wow sweetie you look beautiful!! This is how you style summer chic! Love everything about this look and you are so right about black dresses. They are a necessity to have in almost every shape and style and they are great for being building a look around,whether it be casual or formal 🙂

    Take care,Daniella xox

  2. I wear a black dress every other day, lol. No bad blogger…just reality..Love the easy vibe and fedora! Hope you had a lovely time in Philly for your shower:) C

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