Real Style: Kim and Audrey of BLØME


You know how sometimes when you meet really great people who are doing awesome things, you just know they’re going to be successful? I knew that was going to be the case from the first time I met Kim and Audrey, the delightful duo behind Montreal’s hottest new salon BLØME. Not only are these two total bundles of joy best friends, they’re also business partners. Together, they set out to create a beautiful jewel box of a salon that is both achingly cool and as welcoming as a visit to your best friend’s house.  You’re always greeted with a hug, homemade cookies, a signature BLØME-OSA, and you’re guaranteed beautiful hair and nails. Plus, Kim has pretty much become the braid queen of Montreal. A quick scroll through the salon’s Instagram page and you’ll see enough lust worthy hair to see why this title is seriously well deserved.

I not only adore this salon but also the two wonderful women behind it, they’re some of the most genuinely kind and talented individuals in Montreal.  In between lots of laughs and even an impromptu hair-spray battle, I was able to snap some shots of the gorgeous salon and it’s owners and chat all things beauty and BLØME.

Tell us about yourselves!

We are best friends, we are young entrepreneurial women who wanted more out of life. We wanted to create a world and a space that was our own and one that was so uplifting to come to work every day.  We combined our creative minds together and created the ultimate women’s cave in our image.


What inspired the launch of BlØME? 

We realized their was a huge lack of trendy “get away ” salons and definitely not any blow out bars. So we thought it would be really fun to have trendy nails and hair in one cool spot. We wanted to make the virtual world of Instagram into a real place.


What is the best piece of advice you received when you launched your business? 

While we got amazing support, we were also cautioned to be conservative. Lucky for us, we listened to our gut. Our instinct was to ” go big or go home”. We took a spot in the Old Port of Montreal and we invested in our brand in different ways than most salons.


What is your favorite hair trend for Spring/Summer?

Our favourite look is a bohemian chic and of course anything that has braids. Spring and summer looks should always look put together but effortless.


 What is your favorite nail trend for Spring/Summer?

For nails, our favourite look of the moment is negative space or linear designs combined with any different nail shapes. For the moment we are coveting a good coffin and almond shape.


What sets BLØME apart? 

From the design and the decor to the friendly and chill vibe, we strive to make you feel at home. We want you to feel like you’re hanging out with girlfriends. Also, we take runway looks and make them applicable to every day life for you.


What is the one hair tip or trick you always rely on? 

To really work the roots properly.


 Are there any beauty trends you’re totally over?

I’m definitely over straight flat hair. We’re really into beachy and sexy movement. BLØME really defines itself with organic hairstyles

As for nails, the trend we are completely over is the classic French manicure.  It is provably a shocker to hear. However, there are definitely other ways to modernize and put a twist on this old classic.



46 McGill

Montreal, QC

H2Y 3W5