Blue and Yellow

There’s something so cheerful and summery about this color combination. Blue and yellow just seem to go together so effortlessly. These shoes might look a tiny bit familiar.  I fell in love with the tangerine version I picked up in Philly a while ago, so of course I had to snag the yellow and turquoise pairs as well on our way back from DC. There was significant eye rolling from Darling Fiance when I informed him of this pit-stop and even more eye brow raising when he came into the store with me. I have a tendency to treat most shopping trips like a highly organized special ops mission and I’m usually more of a lone wolf than a team player. This usually means Darling Fiance rolling his eyes (yet again) as I dart about on my mission for the perfect shoe, or dress, or purse. Or all three…plus a hat. And, yes. I know I sound ridiculous.

Dress: ASOS

Shoes: Breckelle’s

Bracelets: South Moon Under, Vintage

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