With Spring well under way, I’ve started my yearly closet purge which both unearths hidden gems that have been hiding and highlights what needs to get the boot. These jeans are from the hidden gem category. I’m loathe to admit it, but when I pulled them out to wear this weekend they still had the tags on. They’re about 4 years old. I know, that’s pretty bad. That being said, I admitted that that’s a problem so I’ve taken my first step to recovery. That, or my first step to admitting I’m a tiny bit of a shopaholic. I’m normally a skinny jeans type of girl, but I’m loving this trouser style. They’re a great way to wear comfortable denim but still looked polished and put together. As for the closet purge, I’m thinking I might need to start an e-bay store or add a page for a “shop my closet” here on the blog. Hope you’re having a lovely week darlings!

Top: Ralph Lauren

Jeans: Anlo

Clutch: Tano

Shoes: Paprika

Necklace: Tiffany & Co.

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  1. Wow sweetie you look so classic and so chic!!! In love with this look,those jeans are perfect,makes me wanna take my J Brand “love story’s” out for a spin!! 🙂

    Take care honey,Daniella xox

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