Breakfast Tea at the Ritz-Carlton Montreal


From a cosy cup shared with a good friend to a delightfully decadent traditional high-tea, there are few things I enjoy more than passing a lazy afternoon by having tea. Blame my parents (for a lot of my proclivities actually), my fifth birthday was spent with a gaggle of my little friends in our puffiest party dresses enjoying a tea party at the Ritz-Carlton in Philadelphia.

When the lovely team of the Ritz-Carlton Montreal invited my to preview their new morning tea, I quite happily excepted the invitation. Instead of the traditional high-tea held in the afternoon, the new breakfast tea is served from 9am-11:30am. Offered in the beautiful Palm Court, the tea features bite-size breakfast nibbles, delicious fresh fruit, and sweet pastries. Basically, the perfect way to start your day. Because really, would wouldn’t want to start their morning off at the Ritz-Carlton Montreal?