Brown Evelyn and a Blog Update

As you might have noticed, the layout and style of WestmountFashionista has changed a little bit and I’m excited to roll out a few more changes that will hopefully make this space even more engaging and fun. Since I frequently receive emails asking for shopping advice, I thought I would incorporate shoppable links directly into some of my posts and in the Shop section of the blog. Not only will I be expanding the Shopping Guide, but I’ll be launching boutique pages dedicated to specific needs. I’m currently working on curating my favourite beauty and fashion favourites, but I’ve already posted my Mum Must Haves (since another frequent question I get is what baby items I recommend). I hope this is something that you’ll enjoy and will find helpful! If there’s anything else you’d like to see or if you have any suggestions on how I can make WestmountFashionista even better, I always love hearing from you guys and greatly appreciate any feedback you might have!

Photography: Eric Branover

Shirt: Zara – Jeans: Black Orchid Denim – Bag: Hermes via LOVEthatBAG – Wedges: Saint Laurent