Call It Spring X Dufour-Lapointe Apres Ski Collection


Even though I live in a country that is known for its winter sports, I am not one to really indulge in them. In fact, I am a danger to every man, woman, child, and inanimate object within my vicinity when on a pair of skis. As for skates, I use to date a professional hockey player and even he gave up on me doing anything more than inching along the boards. Snowboarding, well…the instructor tasked with teaching me for an afternoon spent her time pushing me about as I flailed my arms like a disgruntled flapping bird. You get the picture. However, there is one part of skiing that I simply adore and that is après-ski. Give me a cup of cocoa or a glass of rosé while sitting fire-side and I’m quite the happy little snow-bunny.

Call It Spring has teamed up with the Dufour-Lapointe sisters to create an après-ski collection inspired by their three unique senses of personal style. Who better to create this type of collection than these Winter Olympics metal winning sisters from Canada. These boots were from Chloé’s portion of the collection, with her style described as sophisticated and understated they were clearly the perfect choice for me.





Photography: Marie-Claude Viola

Shoes: c/o Call It Spring – Bag: Celine – Vest: Milly – Jeans: McGuire Denim – Shirt: Juicy Couture 

Belt: Hermes