ADIDAS Gazelle

And I’m back! Thank you oh so very much for your patience while we cleaned up the major hack that’s kept me from posting these past few weeks. Call me crazy, but I felt like you guys didn’t need my articles peppered with links to buy bootleg pharmaceuticals. Since this site needed to be rebuilt, […]

Cozy in Le Chateau

While a body-con dress and heels might not be the first items that come to mind when thinking cozy, they were actually the first pieces that I reached for when I saw that this month’s Le Style Challenge with Le Chateau was to show our cozy Valentine’S Day style. On actual Valentines Day, Darling Husband and I decided to stay in and enjoy a delicious risotto made by him while I donned my finest (and ugliest) fuzzy bathrobe. Clearly, not the makings of a great outfit post but nonetheless rather realistic maternity style. However…