2017 has been a rather exciting year for the House of CHANEL. With the stunning new Gabrielle bag and multiple developments on the cosmetic and fragrance fronts, there has been quite a lot of growth for the grande dame of the high fashion. While honoring its rich heritage and history, the House of CHANEL is also looking toward the future with these new launches and innovations. While the sartorial side of the house is rightly revered, cosmetics have also played a significant role in the world of CHANEL since Mademoiselle launched her first fragrance almost a century ago. Between creating the must have nail color of each season and some of the most iconic fragrances, to producing some of the most exquisite and inventive palettes, CHANEL never ceases to amaze with each new beauty launch. With a devoted following of beauty lovers (and collectors), CHANEL’s beauty developments are always highly anticipated.

The new ROUGE COCO GLOSS is one of CHANEL’s latest beauty launches and it has quickly established itself as one of their must have cosmetic items. Many CHANEL beauty devotees were skeptical when the house announced they would be doing away with their much loved Glossimer glosses and instead be introducing the ROUGE COCO GLOSS. However, this was all for naught since the ROUGE COCO GLOSS is true gloss perfection. With twenty-four sumptuous colors and 3 innovative toppers (more on those later), the colors were personally crafted by CHANEL’s Global Creative Makeup and Color Designer, Lucia Pica.  Pica’s love of color is evident in the glosses, ranging from dramatic chocolate and purple tones to bold reds and oranges and rounding out with pinks, rosewood, and nude tones.

Not simply beautiful colors, the glosses are expertly formulated resulting in rich tones that apply with ease. The non-sticky formula glides on effortlessly and leaves the lips looking lustrous and smooth. Between the updated applicator and an excellent formula, a flawless finish is a certainty. At the heart of the formula is the nourishing HYDRABOOST complex. Natural waxes like jojoba, sunflower and mimosa are melded with a natural coconut oil derivative that results in a product that is both nourishing and long lasting. Additionally, a natural-origin volumizing oligopeptide subtly plums the lip with each application.

As for the aforementioned toppers, these three top coats are aptly and affectionately referred to as the “icing on the cake” by CHANEL. Inspired by Pica’s love of layering, these three powerful little products change the colors and textures of CHANEL lipsticks with one simple swipe. Excitation is a sparking transparent shade that highlights color and makes it shine while Impulsion is a translucent neon-orange that peps up and color for even more radiance. However, it is Caviar that I find is the most captivating. An incredibly clear and pure caviar black, it adds depth and mystery to every shade.