Mademoiselle Chanel is arguably one of the greatest influences in the world of fashion. However, she was also a pioneer in the world of beauty and fragrance. Well ahead of her time, she envisioned skin care and beauty products as part of a greater lifestyle that allowed women to take control of their beauty. Wisely having said that “Nature gives you the face you have at twenty. Life sculpts your face at thirty. But it’s up to you to earn the face you have at fifty,” Mademoiselle Chanel championed the notion that one was not simply in control of their own destiny, but also their own beauty.

This lifestyle approach to beauty and wellness is something that has come to dominate the beauty sphere, and the House of CHANEL has continued to remain at the forefront of the movement. With their recently launched LE LIFT CREAM, CHANEL has once again distinguished itself as a leader and innovator. Effectiveness, naturalness, and respect for the skin are the three pillars of the LE LIFT CREAM that result in an exemplary product. Rooted in nature, and backed by science, LE LIFT CREAM harnesses the power of naturally sourced ingredients that overwhelmingly makeup the formulations of the three distinct LE LIFT CREAMS: LE LIFT Crème, LE LIFT Crème Fine, and LE LIFT Crème Riche.

Utilizing alfalfa, a plant grown in France and a common element in healthy diets, the CHANEL laboratories have created through green chemistry (an approach that combines exacting science with a respect for the crops and natural ecosystem that ingredients are culled from) an alfalfa botanical concentrate that is both gentle and powerful. Combining the alfalfa botanical concentrate with an ingredient derived from Edulis (this is created from the seeds of passionfruit, it is incredibly nourishing, moisturising, and is noted to slow the signs of aging in the skin) which is a hallmark of the other LE LIFT skincare products, the newest LE LIFT creams utilize the best of nature and science to leave the skin nourished and supported and appearing firmer, smoother, and more luminous. Combined with a light and refreshing scent, and the suggested massage-like application technique, the application of LE LIFT CREAM is a full sensory experience that not only leaves the skin nourished, but the senses delighted.

With three distinct creams, the LE LIFT line lets you customize your skincare to your exact needs at the moment of application. I’m personally a very firm believer in customizing your skincare routine and products to your needs at the moment of application. With changing factors like stress, fluctuating hormones, weather, and your current environment, your needs can change by the day. LE LIFT Crème Fine is perfect for a delicate touch. It is incredibly lightweight, and with a silky consistency, it absorbs instantly and leaves the skin soft and nourished without a heavy feel. I loved using LE LIFT Crème Fine during the warmer months or even after working out because it’s so delicate and featherlight. LE LIFT Crème is noted for its melt away quality that combines softness and comfort. With its classic cream consistency, it envelopes the skin in moisture and is perfect for everyday use. As for LE LIFT Crème Riche, this is the ultimate in nourishing with its rich consistency and enveloping balm like sensation after application. This has become my go-to cream now that winter has settled in. Between the skin stripping cold weather, and the moisture sucking heat that we blast indoors, my skin literally drinks up this cream after application.

And because this is CHANEL we’re speaking about, the vessels that these wonderful creams sit in are simply elegant. Their opaque black glass jars are soft and feminine, allowing for a hazy transparency that hints at the soft rosy shade of the cream within. But it is vital to note that while one might be taken with how lovely the creams might look on one’s vanity, they are incredibly effective additions to your skincare routine that will leave your skin nourished and pampered, and will impress you with their efficacy.