CHANEL Skincare Favorites

If you were to ask what two of my biggest fashion and beauty obsessions are, the rather obvious answers would be CHANEL and skincare. It’s no secret that I go a little crazy for both, and if you were to ask Darling Husband, he’d say that my his wallet would back this up one Amex statement at a time. And since who am I to disagree with Amex, I thought I’d share with you a round-up of my favorite products that combine both of my obsessions.

CHANEL has long distinguished itself not only in the fashion world but in the beauty sphere as well. With the expert formulations and high-quality ingredients, their product lines are as effective as they are luxurious. Over the past few months, I’ve included some standout CHANEL beauty products in my admittedly rather rigorous skin care regime, and I couldn’t be more impressed by them. From the HYDRA BEAUTY  and BLUE SERUM collections, to a star from the LE LIFT line, these skin care goodies are #WestmountFashionistaApproved!

LE LIFT Skin-Recovery Sleep Mask

I love a good face mask. I actually tend to use one a few times a week as part of my evening routine. The LE LIFT Skin-Recovery Sleep Mask is the culmination of 12 years of research and refinement, and one of my go-to face masks. Unlike typical facemasks that are applied only temporarily, this mask is intended to be applied in the evening and absorbed into the skin while you sleep.  An anti-aging product, it nourishes the face, neck, and décolleté to restore firmness and smoothness. It has an absolutely lovely light scent, and its texture is completely silky. My skin seems to drink this up the instant I apply it, and with repeated use, my skin looks visibly smoother and firmer. It might seem excessive to be using an anti-aging product, but your twenties and thirties are actually an ideal time to start incorporating these formulae into your routine as a preventative measure.

HYDRA BEAUTY Masque de Nuit Au Camélia

This is another night time mask that I apply before bedtime and let absorb while I sleep. I swear, this product is magic. I was amazed that after just the first use, my skin looked noticeably more radiant – I woke up with a literal glow. You apply the ultra-lightweight creamy gel utilizing a petal shaped applicator that is genius in its design. As chic as it is practical, it allows you to perfectly apply the mask to every curve of the face. The HYDRA BEAUTY Masque de Nuit au Camelia is inspired by the dewdrops that appear on camellia petals to detoxify and reoxygenate this special flower, and contains the highest concentration of camellia in the CHANEL beauty universe. This is a must-have product if you’re looking to nourish tired, dull skin!

HYDRA BEAUTY Micro Liquid Essence

Protected by five different patents, this essence is perfect for even the most delicate skin thanks to its gentle formula free of alcohol and surfactants. Every bottle holds about 3,000 micro-droplets that are packed with fresh camellia cell active ingredients, which are perfect for energizing and freshening the skin. With a water-like texture, the skin absorbs this essence beautifully. With ingredients like hyaluronic acid, it is excellent for ensuring hydration. This is the perfect addition to your morning skin care routine and has become an integral part of mine.


Launched in 2017, CHANEL’s BLUE SERUM was developed to preserve and develop the skin’s health and beauty. Inspired by areas around the globe called blue zones where the populations tend to have increased longevity, the serum is intended as a universal beauty product. With natural ingredients found in these blue zones, the CHANEL labs utilized high-tech methods to create highly concentrated active ingredients that aid in skin health and longevity. What I particularly love about this little bottle of skin pampering goodness is that it seamlessly integrates into your skincare routine, and can be used alongside any other products.


A good eye serum is an absolute must-have for your skin care routine, and a step that no matter how tired I am at the end of the day, I will never skip. Created in 2018, the BLUE SERUM Eye is the latest installment of CHANEL’s standout BLUE SERUM line. Packed with protective and moisturizing ingredients to combat puffiness and dark circles, this serum is powerful yet gentle on the delicate eye zone. Like BLUE SERUM, this little gem contains hand collected and sun-dried Green Coffee from Costa Rica, olive tree oleoactive from Sardinian olives, and lentisk (also known as “mastic”) gum extract from Greek lentisk that’s harvested by a local cooperative. The texture is incredibly fine and melts instantly into the delicate skin around the eye.