CHANEL Travel Diary – Fall/Winter 2017 Beauty Collection

For her Fall/Winter 2017 collection for the House of CHANEL titled Travel Diary, Global Creative Makeup and Color Designer Lucia Pica embarked on a California road trip that wound its way along the coast line and into the heart of Downtown LA. Drawing on inspiration and images of dawn mists, sun bathed beaches, city lights, and even the gritty seductiveness of the City of Angels, Pica’s latest collection proves why she is truly a master of color.

Never one to shy away from bold color choices including some unexpected and exquisite color combinations, Pica has created two eye shadow quads that are moody and sensual. Applied with a heavier touch, one is all but assured a perfect smoky eye while those with a lighter hand will be able to execute a refined yet no less dynamic eye look. City Lights is a quad of colors that look as if inspired by an end-of-the-day hazy pink sky while Road Movie (pictured above) is a stunning representation of when the inky blue green sea meets the shimmering horizon. As for CHANEL’s beloved Ombre Première Crème Mono eyeshadows, Pica has shown two: Urban, a deep petrol blue, and Memory, a sun dappled bronze. Totally luxurious, the formulation for these two little pots of perfection results in a flawless application.

To further emphasize the eyes, there is the Signature De CHANEL. An intense yet smooth liquid eyeliner pen that is both smudge proof and waterproof. It gives the wearer a precise satiny black line thanks to its expert formula. For brows, the Stylo Sourcils Waterproof eyebrow pencils offers a soft and buildable formulation that allows for an effortless application resulting in perfectly shaped and groomed brows. The beveled tip never requires sharpening. Its flat edge is ideal for a softer look while its pointed tip is ideal for definition.

The standout of the collection (but in all honesty the whole collection is a standout) is the Palette Essentielle. Pica’s long-time desire to offer wearers a small but essential combination of products in one sleek compact. As has become what I believe to be one of the hallmarks of Pica’s work for CHANEL, it is a beautifully executed product that facilitates an effortless yet still dynamic approach to beauty. This 3-in-1 hero product is made up of a downright creamy concealer, scintillating highlighter, and seemingly bold blush that all but assures the wearer glowing skin. While the blush looks like it’s geared for the more adventurous while in the compact, it applies so smoothly that one is easily able to achieve a perfect sun-kissed glow with only the lightest of applications. And in fact, the colors are so rich and adaptive that they work beautifully on the lips and eyes. I’ve taken to keeping this compact in my purse for easy and effortless touch-ups during the day. The Palette Essentielle is incredibly adaptive – you’re able to just as easily apply the products with your fingers as you are with brushes. And on the subject of brushes, the Dual Tip Concealer Brush is a virtually perfect concealer brush. A brush that is absolutely worth adding to your collection, even if you don’t think you need it.

For lips, bright pops of color are a beautifully bold foil to the intensity of the eye shadow quads and single shadows. The colorations run from classic CHANEL reds (because CHANEL really does the best reds) to a beautifully subtle nude beige. From a matte liquid Rouge Allure Ink to the creamy Rouge Coco, there are almost too many incredible lip options to choose from. And lest we forget nails, Pica has released two stunning colors that are sure to become cult favorites. Le Vernis Horizion Line has a soft almost greenish-grey tone, while Le Vernis New Dawn is a muted taupe-grey.

With Travel Diary, Lucia Pica proves yet again why CHANEL is such a leader in the field of beauty. Expert formulations, colors that run from classic to contemporary, and packaging and presentation that is decidedly elegant has made CHANEL a titan in the world of beauty. With collections that are bold and adventurous yet still refined, I feel like Mademoiselle Chanel would be pleased with the woman that Pica seems to keep in mind when she creates.