Chantelle Soft Stretch

I’m going to let you in on a secret, I’ve found the most comfortable underwear… ever. I know that sounds like quite the statement, but I will guarantee you that I am not overselling this find. In fact, do yourself a favour and just go order some pieces before you even finish reading this article. You can do so {here}. However, I’d be remiss if I didn’t fully fill you in on these awesome and wonderfully comfortable pieces.

Leave it to French lingerie powerhouse Chantelle to lead the industry in creating the ultimate soft and comfortable undergarments with their Soft Stretch line. Known for beautifully designed lingerie that is as practical is it as pretty, Chantelle has been a leader in the lingerie world for many years. Offering a wide range of styles and sizes, they also design beautiful swimwear, hosiery, shapewear, sports-wear, and even intelligently designed undergarments for post-surgery. And being a French line (because the French really do make the best lingerie), even the most basic pieces are beautifully made.

The Soft Stretch line is comprised of bikinis, hipsters, thongs, and high-waisted briefs as well as camisoles, bodysuits and crop tops. Utilizing incredibly soft seamless stretch material, the collection was designed to adapt to all body shapes and sizes. These are one size fits all pieces that truly fit XS-XL. With the collection’s incredible success – over 1 million pieces of the Soft Stretch collection were sold worldwide in 2017 alone – Chantelle is further developing the line to cover those who are 1X-4X which will be available shortly.

I’ve been living in my camisole from the Soft Stretch line. It layers so perfectly underneath my clothing and while not actually a shaping piece, it helps my tops and sweaters lay so smoothly. In fact, I’ve even worn it to bed on more than one occasion! As for the bikini style and high-waisted briefs that I’ve been wearing, they are in all honestly my new favorite undergarments. Perfectly seamless, I can wear them under my tightest pieces without fear of any unsightly lines or imperfections and I love that there’s an elegance to their simplicity.

While I was introduced to these pieces by the fabulous team at Saint Hilaire Inc., the above statements and admittedly glowing recommendation are all mine. I really cannot stress how insanely comfortable the Chantelle Stretch Soft Line is. And as I also stated above, do yourself a favor a scoop up some pieces for yourself and I know you’ll be singing their praises as well!