A Conversation with Dr. Khanna of PEAU Esthétique Medicale

Before starting my journey with PEAU Esthétique Médicale, I had dipped my toe in the world of cosmetic dermatology and esthetics with the occasional micro-dermabrasion treatment and glycolic peel as well as a routine facials. While I had always wanted to try other types of treatments, I had yet to find the right doctor here in Montreal. Lucky for me, I was most auspiciously introduced to Dr. Khanna at the end of last year. After going through one of his highly thorough consultations, I knew I had found the right doctor and thus this wonderful relationship between myself and PEAU Esthétique Médicale was born. Finding the right doctor is vital – you want to find someone who is talented, well regarded, and highly qualified. What I find really sets Dr. Khanna apart is his dual spheres of practice that result in him being at the cutting edge of both treatments and medical knowledge. I thought it would be great to introduce you to this leading practitioner and founder of PEAU through the interview below.

Dr. Khanna founded clinic PEAU in 2009 with 3 laser systems and now has a range of over 20 laser and light systems to treat cosmetic face and body concerns non-surgically. The clinic specializes in non-surgical face and body rejuvenation.

He is Director of Dermatologic Oncology at the Jewish General Hospital where he performs Moh’s micrographic surgery for the treatment of high risk basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and lentigo maligna. Dr. Manish Khanna introduced the fresh tissue technique of doing Mohs surgery in the dermatology clinic in 2003, being the first centre in the McGill network to prepare and read frozen sections during Mohs surgery.

Please introduce yourself!

I was born and raised in Montreal. I went to McGill for medical school and dermatology residency. After spending two years in the USA for fellowship training in skin cancer surgery and cosmetic dermatology, I returned to Montreal to begin working at the Jewish General Hospital. I have two daughters aged 10 and 13 who go to school in Westmount where we live.

What inspired you to go into dermatology?

My inspirations to go into dermatology were twofold. While doing an elective rotation in India during my medical studies, I was amazed by the insight one could gain on a patients internal disease during careful examination of the skin for clues.  Secondly, I enjoyed the technical and surgical parts of the specialty in addition to the visual aspects.

What inspired you to open PEAU? 

My clinic PEAU was inspired by filling the void of a center where a patient could come in and have their skin examined by a expert and offered treatment plans for the whole range of cosmetic concerns, with state of the art equipment.  I think that patients who are better informed, understand that a cosmetic dermatologist is best a making the proper diagnoses before starting treatments.  We are after all the experts in skin.  Therefore the inspiration for the name Peau.

What makes PEAU stand out from other esthetic practices?  

I think what makes PEAU stand out is the attention given to the patient.  My involvement in the treatment plan as well as the supervisory role I have over the treatments carried out by the medical aestheticians and nurses also sets us apart.  Getting results is our goal, but safety comes first. Our approach is really to educate the patient about how they can achieve healthy-looking skin long-term and how to best prevent damage from environmental stressors.  We encourage our patients to commit to their their skin just as they would to the gym. Finally, our goal is to enhance and not change how people look. This is the most common concern that patients have. Our approach is very natural and gradual. We also take studio quality standardized photography to follow the outcomes of the patient.

What is the best way for someone to take advantage of all that PEAU has to offer? 

The best way for someone to take advantage of all PEAU has to offer is to do a consultation.  Our first consultation with a patient is very comprehensive.  The patient will meet with me and a nurse or medical esthetician.  We will go over all concerns and do an analysis of the skin with the Visia, which is a software which examines the skin more precisely for sun damage, redness, wrinkles, pore size, and texture.  This allows us to be very objective with the findings and monitoring treatment outcomes.  We have a wide range of treatments for each concern identified for a patient, making the treatment plan very personalized.

I imagine that you sometimes encounter prospective patients who may want a specific treatment that might not best serve their needs. How do you go about ensuring that the treatments you offer are best suited to each patient’s specific needs?

 It may happen that a patient will come in the clinic with ideas of what treatments they want.  After the consultation process, the patient is educated about the best options, and often are very thankful that we didn’t just offer what they thought they needed.

What is your most popular treatment? 

There are many popular treatments.  Currently the two most popular treatments are Botox and Filler injections for the face and neck, and Broadband Light treatments for skin rejuvenation. The most popular treatment for body contouring is CoolSculpting which is non-surgical yet permanent fat reduction.  We offer CoolSculpting Plus which combines two technologies for even better results.

Are there any esthetic advances or treatments that you’re excited about for 2017?

Treatments that we are excited about for 2017 include using platelet rich plasma injections for hair loss on the scalp in both men and woman, and medical microneedling which can address concerns such as acne scarring, stretch marks, and wrinkles with little social downtime. We are also very excited about combining our state-of-the art technologies to enhance patient results further. The more we are able to tailor specific technologies to patients’ goals, the happier they are. Since we have multiple systems, we are able to choose which technologies best suit the patient rather than offering one approach. An example for rejuvenation treatments for the face is how we are starting to combine fractionated resurfacing (i.e., Fraxel re:store)  with Broadband light to enhance patient results.

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