A Conversation with Jean-Christophe Requero, Market Director for Tiffany & Co. Quebec and Ottawa


It’s no secret that I enjoy shopping. But jewelry shopping…well, beyond being totally decadent it holds a special place in my luxury loving heart. One of the people who has had the biggest impact on my life was my grandmother. Not only is she one of my personal style icons, she helped mold me in to the fashion obsessed person I am today. I like to joke to Darling Husband that I can’t be held accountable for my behavior, it’s genetic after all.

That being said, some of my earliest memories of my grandmother involve her love of jewelry and her sharing that love with me. From trips to her jeweler together to being allowed to pick a special piece to wear when I visited her home, jewelry holds a very significant sentimental meaning to me and her memory. My grandmother not only loved the stones, she loved finding the perfect stones. When Tiffany & Co.’s charming Market Director for Quebec and Ottawa, Jean-Christophe Requero graciously offered to share his wealth of knowledge with me, I jumped at the chance to further my jewelry education and be able to share that knowledge with you, my darling readers. Make sure to check out the interview below to learn just what sets a Tiffany & Co. diamond apart and how to pick the perfect piece for your special moments.

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 To an untrained eye, most diamonds look the same but what sets a Tiffany & Co. stone apart from the rest?

 Tiffany has been the diamond of authority for almost 200 years and has set an indisputable standard of diamond excellence.

Our unparalleled attention to detail has set us apart for almost 200 years, 178 years exactly on September 14th 2015. When you look at a piece of Tiffany jewel, it is as beautiful in the inside as it is on the outside thanks to our legendary craftsmanship. Our expert gemologists ensure that only those diamonds can become part of our breathtaking engagement ring designs that meet Tiffany’s exacting gemological standards. They select and evaluate each stone one by one as ”In a Tiffany diamond ring there can be only one star- the diamond.’

Tiffany diamonds are cut to maximize brilliance. Others are cut to maximize carat weight. This difference is legendary.

A diamond is a symbol of wealth, purity and love, a diamond leaves no one unmoved. Crowned the King of Gems, the diamond is the ultimate symbol of love. The word diamond is derived from the Greek adamas which means unconquerable, alluding to the invincibility of true love.


 Purchasing a piece of jewelry like an engagement ring is an exciting but potentially daunting process, what are your tips for finding the perfect ring?

Visiting a jewelry house with illustrious heritage, commitment to service excellence, and timeless designs that will stand the test of time is a great starting point. Tiffany & Co. offers all of the above. For more than 175 years we have been the place where couples find the perfect engagement rings. Exceptional customer service is one of the hallmarks of our success, our Tiffany experience is to create connections and positive memories, to personalized experiences and honoring the Tiffany legacy. For an engagement ring to be appreciated for a lifetime, it is essential to reflect subtle elegance and timeless style.

All Tiffany diamonds are properly proportioned and cut to achieve the ideal balance, dispersion and scintillation, and ultimately the most beautiful appearance.

To ensure that we can fulfill our client’s needs and finding the perfect ring we have to connect with them, asking questions about their style, what they like, what is the most important for them.


 Most people have heard of the 4c’s but what are they exactly and how do you recommend balancing them when looking at an engagement ring or other piece of fine jewelry?

The evaluation of a polished diamond`s quality traditionally follows the criteria of the internationally accepted grading system, the Four Cs: clarity, color, carat, and cut. When used together, they describe the quality of a finished diamond, which is directly related to its value. Each diamond`s value is based on its own unique combination of the Four Cs.

Tiffany & Co. has additional diamond quality standards that go beyond the 4 Cs.

Few things in nature are absolutely perfect. That is true of diamonds as anything else. Diamonds have internal features, called inclusions, and surface irregularities, called blemishes. Together, they are called clarity characteristics. Clarity is the relative absence of inclusions and blemishes.

The ideal diamond is characterized by a lack of color. That is to say, it is clear to the point of being colorless (D-E-F) or nearly colorless (G-H-I).

Carat weight alone does not determine a diamond`s value. Two stones of equal weight can vary widely in value because of quality differences.

A well-cut diamond can make light perform in breathtaking ways, resulting in a magnificent display of three important diamond attributes: brilliance, fire, and scintillation.

To the customary Four Cs, Tiffany & Co. adds a fifth criterion: presence. It includes the precision of cut, symmetry and polish. More than any other factor, the precise positioning of the diamond`s facets determines the beauty of a stone.

The beauty of any diamond is largely determined by the amount of white light returned to the eye. The mission of every Tiffany diamond is to maximize that brilliance. This is the secret of its superlative beauty.


 What are some of the current trends in bridal jewelry at the moment?

Pearls have always been the classic choice by brides.  They not only offer an elegant complement to any wedding dress but their delicate, graceful nature make them timeless and versatile. Pearls emerge from a fantastic undersea world to take their natural place in the realm of fashion and luxury.

Eternally glamorous, Tiffany pearls are an essential part of every woman s jewelry wardrobe. They are modern and elegant, easily worn from day to evening.

Colored diamonds are one of nature s treasures. All Tiffany fancy color diamonds are natural and not the result of color enhancements. They have all the characteristics that make colorless diamonds so beautiful: the fire, brilliance, sparkle and incredible surface luster with the extraordinary bonus of radiant color!


Do you have any suggestions for non-traditional brides for engagement ring styles and bridal jewelry?

A yellow diamond is always appreciated when couples are looking for an out-of-the-ordinary piece. Celebration rings have been very popular for non-traditional brides as by stacking them they can commemorate milestone events in their lives. Furthermore, layering offers an array of options for expressing their individuality.

Tiffany s expertise in exceptional yellow diamonds dates back to 1878 when Charles Lewis Tiffany purchased the 287.42 carat Tiffany Diamond. Cut into a cushion-shape brilliant weighing 128.54 carats, this priceless stone is one of the most important yellow diamonds in the world.


What are some ideal pieces for bridal jewelry that will make for heirloom pieces to one day pass down to future children or other loved ones?

Solitaire diamond pendants, earrings and tennis bracelets often become heirloom pieces. They are wearable pieces of art  filled with memories.


Many women are choosing stones other than diamonds for their engagement rings, are there any that you find particularly beautiful for this purpose?

In the last couple of years, yellow diamonds have gained immense popularity for they are filled with sunshine. Their distinctive color captures attention and take our breath away.