CoolSculpting, An Introduction

I’ve always been a rather fit and active person. I took my first ballet class at the age of three and thus began what has become a long-term love affair with the artform not only as a means of self-expression, but also as a way to stay healthy and fit. By the time I reached middle school, and until about the time that I left for university, I was taking ballet classes 6 days a week and training rather seriously. Summers were spent furthering my training, eventually even training with the prestigious Joffrey Ballet in New York as part of their pre-professional summer intensive program. While I knew I was never going to be destined for a professional career, I nevertheless pushed myself to achieve as much as possible out of my sheer love of ballet. During my university days, I continued to take class for fun and to maintain the physique that ballet had given me. In my early twenties, I also discovered how much I enjoyed taking yoga and Pilates class. All of this to say that I’ve always been in pretty decent shape due to the combination of ballet, Pilates, and yoga. However, I’ve always carried a little tummy pouch that no matter how many crunches, planks, and pliés I did, it never seemed to flatten out. I figured that thanks to genetics, I would always carry this and learned to dress in ways that minimized it. Then a few years ago, I first started hearing about a treatment called CoolSculpting. It almost sounded too good to be true – it promised that through this non-invasive treatment, I would be able to literally freeze the fat cells in a desired area and actually kill them off resulting in a trimmer appearance in the treated areas. However, knowing that I eventually wanted to start a family, I decided that the procedure was something I wanted to pursue after pregnancy to fully maximize the results and experience.

For the first two trimesters of my pregnancy with madam, my weight gain was seemingly normal but then the third trimester hit. And hit it did. Forget looking like I swallowed a basketball, it looked like a was smuggling a beach-ball under my clothing. In fact, on more than a few occasions, I was asked if I was sure it wasn’t twins. (Note to non-preggers people, this isn’t the smartest line of questioning for a hormonal pregnant woman.) But in the end, it was all more than worth it. Madam was born healthy and perfect and for this, it was and will always be worth every extra pound carried during and after my pregnancy. I noticed that after my pregnancy, my tummy pouch had become more pronounced. After I stopped breastfeeding and started being more careful with my diet and exercise, I knew it was the perfect time to pursue the treatment that had first piqued my interest years ago.

Quite fortuitously, I was introduced to the amazing Dr. Khanna around this time and I began my partnership with his incredible clinic PEAU Esthétique Médicale. From our first meeting, I knew that CoolScultping was the main treatment that I wanted to pursue with Dr. Khanna and I couldn’t have found a more perfect doctor and clinic to do so with. PEAU was actually the first practice in not only Montreal, but the whole of Quebec, to offer this revolutionary treatment. In fact, Dr. Khanna has lead the field in continuing to perfect and refine CoolSculpting through his offering of CoolSculpting PLUS. By combining the traditional CoolSculpting procedure with immediate manual massage to the treated area and the additional utilization of the ZWAVE treatment, Dr. Khanna has been able to provide maximised results with his CoolSculpting PLUS treatment plan. Results are up to 60% more pronounced and visible almost twice as fast. There’s also reduced discomfort during and after treatment with the potential for less swelling and faster healing time. In fact, PEAU even has an incredible helpful and informative microsite you can check out to learn even more about the details of CoolScultping PLUS {here}.

After a consultation with Dr. Khanna, we determined an ideal treatment plan for me that was not only nice and aggressive, but also realistic. He would target the tummy pouch and surrounding areas that have long bothered me as well as my flanks resulting in a nice trim and healthy midsection. To say I was excited for my first treatment was an understatement, and Dr. Khanna his team delivered results which far exceeded my expectations.  To date, I’ve completed two treatments and have already seen a noticeable difference in the targeted areas. In fact, I saw a difference in my targeted areas even about two months after my first treatment. Typically, you’ll see your final results about three months after your final treatment. As of this writing, I’m still about two to three months from seeing my final results, but I’m already thrilled with how my mid-section appears. My tummy is noticeably flatter and my flanks are looking nice and smooth. Most importantly, I’ve been able to get into clothing that I haven’t been able to wear since before my pregnancy. I even feel more confident in tight clothing than I did before my pregnancy. I can’t wait to see what my treated areas will look like come January and I’m excited to show you the final before and after photos as well!