One item that was a total must pack for me on our recent trip to London was this gorgeous pair of silk pyjamas from luxury silk loungewear company DEAR BOWIE. Based here in Montreal, sisters Heidi and Jennifer Murphy set out to create a beautifully curated collection of luxurious silk robes and pyjamas. From the packaging to the pieces themselves, DEAR BOWIE offers its clients only the finest.

Not only are these pyjamas incredibly comfortable, they’re also elegant and beautifully designed. Far from frumpy or a little too alluring, DEAR BOWIE pieces are a perfect combination of comfortable and fashionable. In fact, I’d be lying if I said I haven’t totally considered wearing the top with a pair of slim black pants and riding boots in the pyjama dressing look that has become so popular with the fashion crowd over the past few seasons. As for their downright gorgeous floor-length robes, they totally beg to be worn in the bedroom and outside of the house.




Avery Fleur De Lys Pyjamas