December According to My Blackberry

Here’s to a wonderful year darlings! I hope you all had happy holidays and that you have a safe, fun, healthy, and happy New Year! What am I thankful for this year? Oddles….but I’m especially thankful for each of you being so Louboutin rocking and fabulous. Any fun resolutions this year for you darlings? I’m starting off the New Year by embarking on a 365 day photo challenge. Each day, Darling Fiance and I will take a photo of something fun, interesting, memorable, intriguing, or just plain cool. By the end, we’ll have documented our year in photos and be able to look back on what will no doubt be another memorable and amazing year. 

Our Christmas tree – Organizing my shoes thanks to bookshelves from Darling Fiance

La Maison ISHI for the Aqua De Lara  shoot – All made up and ready to get fitted for the shoot!

Nikki vs. static, static wins – My reading list for the month

Shopping trip to Lyla – Darling Fiance to the skate tying rescue!

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    1. That’s the plan! With so many great things slated for this year it will be fun to look back on all the little moments we capture.

  1. LOVE that idea…what a great trip down memory lane that will be when you revisit all the photos…life it too damn chaotic for me to stick to that…I can barely get my once a week outfit shots in…lol.
    Hope you had an incredible New Year:) Best C

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