Effortless Style with Kim Newport-Mimram

Kim Newport-Mimran

 Last week I introduced the fabulous washable capsule collection by Kim Newport-Mimram that she created as a collaboration between her line, Pink Tartan, and Tide Pods. This week, I thought I’d share some of her top tips for achieving the effortless sort of elegant style that she is known for and that has become the hallmark of Pink Tartan. I couldn’t agree more with her on every single point that she touches on. From extolling the usefulness of investing in high-quality classic items to making sure to pay attention to the fit and fabric of your garments, Kim Newport-Mimram and I even share some of the same fashion icons and inspirations. Basically, she’s my style spirt animal. Enjoy and take notes darlings!

Timeless pieces are always in fashion

We’re all guilty of committing fashion crimes at some point, but building a wardrobe founded in timeless pieces will ensure your look is always on point. By choosing pieces you can wear season after season, you’ll also increase the lifespan of your wardrobe. To keep my washable pieces looking their best, I launder with Tide Pods- an item every woman needs to have in her fabric arsenal.

Try out new trends through accessories 

Developing your own personal style comes with finding cuts that fit your body and colous that compliment your skin. Stick to it and don’t be swayed by the latest runway trend. To incorporate seasonal trends into your wardrobe, purchase smaller pieces like a bag, scarf, or shoes. Accessories are great because they update your look without risk.

Simplicity is the secret to elegance

I design pieces that look stylish and fit into a modern woman’s lifestyle. By focusing on the cut of the garment, the quality of the fabric and small details like an exposed zipper, these pieces not only last but have wardrobe presence for years to come. Invest in great basics that can be paired with a variety of pieces to keep your look effortless and elegant.

You don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality 

As my collection evolves, I want to ensure I’m making clothing for the modern woman. The Washable Collection was developed for her. Each piece is made from quality washable fabrics that can be easily cared for. I recommend Tide Pods to care for all washable garments as they dissolve quickly and are easy to use.

Fit, fit, fit

The correct fit of your clothing is essential to great style. Regardless of the cost of your clothing, finding a tailor that can make small adjustments to you pieces will make you look and feel better. Not one body shape is alike and every woman can benefit from a good tailor. If you can find a piece you love but it’s not in your size, buy it in a larger size and take it to the tailors, they can do wonders.

Find inspiration from fashion-eras gone by

My fashion inspiration comes from timeless icons like Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Onassis and my grandmother. I remember my well-dressed grandmother serving tea sandwiches in pearls and the perfect top coat. From then on, I wanted to create iconic clothes that fit your fashion mind and style.

Modern style is about care 

Sometimes being chic is as simple as keeping your clothes looking crisp and clean. Imagine browsing your favorite shop if the clothing looked less than polished? It would completely alter the way you look at the garment. The same is true when you where something that looks worn out. I believe we should care for our clothing, as you would other items you cherish. Using Tide Pods protects your favorite pieces and helps keep them looking their best.

Trending in my world 

Some trends that we will be seeing from Pink Tartan this fall are digital floral prints in rich dark colours and super fine gauge cashmere. I also love a mid length skirt, whether it is a full or pencil skirt.

Sexy is what you don’t see

An understated confidence is the difference between wearing your clothes vs. your clothes wearing you. By choosing clothing that fits your body, brings out your personality, and makes you feel sexy, you’ll naturally ooze self-confidence and radiance.

Consider your overall look, not just an outfit

Instead of throwing together random pieces when choosing your clothing, try visualizing the overall look you’re trying to achieve. This will give you a polished style that you’ll feel good about. You can pull inspiration from fashion magazines or your favorite style icon.

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  1. Daura

    October 2, 2013 at 9:17 am

    I love all of these tips, I couldn’t agree more! Kim really knows her stuff 🙂 Especially the last piece of advice. What’s the image you’re giving off? Your unique face/hair/body type affects this image and determines whether or not you can pull it off! You don’t look edgy just because you’ve got a few studs on your shoes. Great post.

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