Engagement Photos…Meet Darling Fiance

I figured it was high time to introduce Darling Fiance and what better way then with our engagement photos. We took them this past Sunday and our rock star photographer got these images to us in less than 24 hours. Micheal B…simply put, you rock my Louboutins. What started out as a gray and rainy day turned into one of the best afternoons as we roamed about downtown and Mount Royal taking what have quickly become my favorite photographs of Darling Fiance and I. Anyone in need of photographic services look no further than the super talented and generally great guy that is Micheal of Micheal B. Photography. Another huge thank you goes out to the equally amazing Caroline Théoret for my stunning makeup. I can’t wait to work with both of these talented artists again on our wedding day. On a slightly different note. You know you found the right guy when he doesn’t bat an eyelash at you planning your engagement photos around the vintage ball gown that’s been laying in his office/your closet for the past year.

Photography: Micheal B. Photography

Makeup: Caroline Théoret

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  1. I don’t know if there are enough words, adjectives & superlatives to adequately convey how breathtaking you two are; maybe I’m a little biased (after all, your Darling Fiancé is my first-born nephew!), but you’re both simply amazing and I love you guys to bits! Absolutely ethereal photos and your makeup was just divine! Can’t wait for the wedding now…even more than before!

  2. You guys look so wonderful! and funny, those first shots were taken right down the street from my parents place! Kevin and I are counting the days until your big day. xo

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