Eos Crystal

I had the pleasure and privilege of joining Eos in New York city this past week to discover their incredibly special new launch. Known for their distinctive little lip balm orbs, Eos has distinguished itself by producing products that not only look and smell wonderful but are expertly formulated utilizing only superior ingredients. With their own dedicated research and development lab, it’s no wonder that Eos has set itself apart by creating a lip balm that is both highly effective for moisturization and is also incredibly stylish. Frequently imitated but never perfectly replicated, Eos and their ubiquitous little orbs have dominated the market since their inception. In fact, their formulations are so high quality and packed with clean ingredients they have been recognized by leading NGOs, press, and consumers. The Organic Lip Balm line is even certified by the USDA and other international bodies as being organic.

Not simply comfortable to rest on their lip balm laurels, the team at Eos set out to create yet another product that would shake up the lip care category. Their latest launch, the Eos Crystal is entirely transparent and, unlike other transparent lip products on the market, formulated with nourishing oils and butters. Not simply a pretty product, it also delivers a lightweight, natural feeling hydration, and is vegan and wax-free. While Eos’s competitors feel thick and waxy upon application, the Crystal lip balm feels silky smooth. It’s comprised of a unique blend of shea butter, coconut, avocado, and aloe oils and is being offered in two brand new flavours, Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach. Not only can I now personally attest to how smooth and nourishing the Eos Crystal is after my experience, I can also say they smell totally heavenly. I even joked to the Eos team that the scent was so lovely that I’d be tempted to dab a little lip balm on my wrist and behind my ears in place of perfume!