It’s no secret, I’m a bit obsessed with skin care. From a young age, my mother always taught me to take very good care of my skin. She stressed to me that the decisions you make in your youth can impact your skin not just in the immediate, but also in the future. And as a medical professional herself, she also imparted on me that preventative care is the best type of care. From regular facials and never going to bed with my makeup on, to religious usage of sunscreen and investing in quality products, I’ve always tried to be incredibly mindful of how I treat my skin. As I get older, I’ve seen the benefit of these smart decisions and it has only pushed me to further my commitment to protecting and perfecting my skin. The pimples and breakouts of my youth have given way to dark circles and occasional dullness and in all honesty, a desire to prevent wrinkles and lines, but I continue to see that with the right products and regular facials that these issues can be addressed and dealt with. I’ve also come to realize that quality products are imperative and that routine and proper usage is absolutely necessary. It’s worth taking the time to find the right products for your specific skin concerns and issues, and investing in them when you find them. I’ve tried a fair amount of accessible and luxury skin care products and with that, I’ve become incredibly picky in what I like to use and what I recommend and write about. It can be easy to get caught up in pretty packaging and lofty promises, but when a product or line really works, I get so excited to share it.

I was introduced to famed French skin care line FILORGA a little while ago and I’ll be totally honest, I had never heard of this esteemed brand until that introduction. After a quick search and a poke around their website, I was seriously impressed and very excited to try the products. With a seriously devoted following who have posted only glowing reviews and a 35 year history behind its name, FILORGA has distinguished itself in the world of skin care. A pillar in the industry, they have a very well-deserved reputation for innovation and excellence. Founded in 1978 by Michel Tordjamn, one of the leading French doctors specializing in aesthetic medicine, FILORGA Laboratories was created with his fascination of cellular biology in mind. First focusing on technology and treatments that were intended for use by fellow aesthetic doctors and dermatologists, Dr. Tordjman pioneered NCTF, New Cellular Treatment Factor, which is a unique injectable that prevents, slows, and corrects the effects of skin aging. With its unique formulation, NCTF targets the 5 signs of aging: complexion evenness, skin tone, pore size, hydration level and micro relief. Over 10 million bottles of this ground breaking injectable have been sold and it is considered one of the leading injectables.  Realizing that many women were not comfortable with aesthetic medicine, FILORGA created MEDI-COSMETIQUE in 2007 to offer at home products that provide clinically proven results that are comparable to what can be achieved in a doctor’s office. And after spending the past three years perfecting their latest range, NCTF-REVERSE, which contains the equivalent of one vial of injectable NCTF in each product of the range, it’s already taking the skin care world by storm. With an impressive ingredient list including 12 vitamins, 6 minerals, 5 nucleic acids, 24 amino acids, 6 coenzymes and 6 other carefully selected ingredients including NCTF, the NCTF-REVERSE line can penetrate and treat your skin on the sub- dermal level resulting in a significant increase in hydration, radiance, complexion evenness, dermal density, and a decrease in wrinkle depth and pore size.

The three-step routine, while simple, is highly effective and you will start to see results in the first week with the full effects visible around the 7-week mark. One starts with the NCTF-ESSENCE which is a priming lotion, then applies the NCTF-INTENSISIVE High Absorption Serum, and ends with the NCTF-REVERSE lotion. There is the slightest hint of perfume to the product but instead over overpowering your senses, it instead delights with a very delicate floral scent. The expert formulation of these products is also seen in the texture and ease with which the skin absorbs them. I noticed right away that my skin seemed to immediately almost drink in the products leaving it nourished and refreshed right away. It’s also important to note that the pink tone of the product is not from artificial coloring or dyes, but rather from the high concentration of NCTF which itself is a naturally pink color. While the NCTF- REVERSE line is intended for all skin types, those with combination or oily ski will particularly appreciate the non-greasy formula.

To be totally transparent, I myself have debated trying injectables when I noticed those first little signs of aging but like many women, I demurred away from this option out of the fear that the results could look over done or unnatural. It also doesn’t help that I have a rather serious aversion to needles. Discovering FILORGA and their ground breaking NCTF-REVERSE range has been the perfect solution. I’m able to achieve results that seriously compete with what could be achieved in the doctor’s office.  While I’m in my early thirties and found the product ideal, the NCTF-REVERSE range can be used starting in your mid-twenties as a preventative approach to the skin’s aging, and also later in life to combat the visible signs of aging as well.

Note: In Canada, NCTF-REVERSE can be found at Nordstrom,  Pharmaprix, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Murale.