Finding the Perfect Frames with DOYLE

With my birthday quickly approaching, I recently had a revelation that made me realize that, try as I might, I am indeed getting older (Shhh! Don’t tell anyone!). A few weeks ago, as I sat working at the computer while madam napped, it dawned on me that the words on the screen were a wee bit hazy and that I very possibly needed glasses. Quite serendipitously, the lovely team from DOYLE reached out to me shortly thereafter to invite me to experience their services.

After booking an appointment utilizing their efficient and easy to use online system, I quickly started thinking about what type of frames I wanted to scoop up in the event I did actually need to find the perfect set of frames. Lucky for me, DOYLE has a wonderful option that allows you to pre-choose up to three pairs of glasses from their vast selection of designers. My selected frames were waiting for me at the appointment. I picked two frames at two different price points to try, and planned on trying even more styles upon my arrival at the boutique. I had visions of my frame style being somewhere in-between psycho madam (i.e., eccentric Westmount lady in leopard print) and university lecturer.

Starting with an eye exam with one of their in-house optometrists and ending with an appointment with an onsite stylist, the helpful and incredibly knowledgeable staff at the DOYLE boutique on Nun’s Island confirmed my suspicions that I was in fact in need of glasses and helped me find the perfect set of frames. After trying the frames I had chosen when booking my appointment along with a wonderful selection of frames the stylist helped me choose, I ended up with a gorgeous pair of glasses that I couldn’t wait to wear. I was happy to find out that even though my vision was diminishing in my advancing old age, I got to wear a stunning new accessory! And indeed, I did find beautiful frames in the form of stunning thick black CHANEL frames with downright luxe gold detailing in the House’s ubiquitous braided chain.

You can book your own appointment at one of their many boutiques throughout Quebec for an eye exam and styling appointment {here} and for those who don’t need a prescription, did I mention that DOYLE also has a gorgeous selection of sunglasses?  Happy shopping darlings!