The second stop on our European honeymoon was Florence and I was instantly smitten with this jewel of a city. I swear, it actually alternated between smelling like leather or like the sweet scent of Santa Maria Novella, the 400 year old Florentine institution that produces some of the most divine perfumes, candles, cosmetics, and all natural herbal products. Darling Husband and I spent our days exploring the gorgeous sights and nights stuffing our faces silly on some of the most amazing dishes I’ve ever tasted. Le Cirque who? You might recognize the gingham blouse that I’m wearing as the blue version of the top I wore in my previous post. When you find a piece that fits you well and is extremely versatile like this blouse, it’s always worth picking it up in extra colors.

Shirt: J Crew – Skirt: ASOS – Belt: Hermes 

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  1. Hi Jessica,
    I adore Florence, gorgeous city and amazing people!
    Really love your outfit, the gingham blouse is quite a versatile piece and looks great with the navy skirt.

    Really enjoying your post! Have a lovely honeymoon!

    ~ Tasha

  2. Florence was definitely one of my fav cities in Italy that we went to. Did you get a chance to go to the restaurant I suggested? We must catch up I want to hear all about it!

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