Did you know today is a rather exciting day darlings? “Why,” you may ask? Well, today marks the launch of the House of CHANEL’s newest fragrance! Named for the great designer herself, GABRIELLE CHANEL is an olfactory celebration of, and testament to, Mademoiselle’s great legacy. Confident and self-assured, Mademoiselle Chanel was the mistress of her own destiny and the eponymous fragrance that was officially unveiled today is intended to imbue that same unwavering courage and passion in the wearer.

Born into humble circumstances, Mademoiselle Chanel charted a path for herself that broke the societal and sartorial conventions of the time. Unapologetically fierce and staggeringly creative, her designs liberated the women of her generation and have continued to inspire those who are captivated by the universe of CHANEL. Her famous maxims have become the rallying cry of many, and have inspired countless individuals to embrace not just their femininity but also their ambition and personal power. Speaking of herself, Mademoiselle once said “I have chosen the person I wanted to be and am.” The House of CHANEL, with this powerful declaration in mind, has created an exquisite fragrance to honor this great woman and her wise words.

Perfumer Olivier Polge, in collaboration with the CHANEL Fragrance Creation and Development Laboratory, has crafted a captivating scent that is truly like none other. Feminine yet powerful, floral yet complex, sultry yet elegant, GABRIELLE CHANEL is an expert creation that perfectly captures its namesake. Polge imagined a singular yet nuanced white flower that was inspired by the floral varieties used in this history of CHANEL’s fragrances. Notes of ylang-ylang, jasmine, orange blossom, and tuberose grown in Grasse are elevated through the masterful blending and marrying of white musk notes and milky sandalwood. Hints of mandarin peel, blackcurrant, and a zest of grapefruit add a further complexity to the scent that results in a truly magnificent fragrance.

Like with all things CHANEL, incredible attention to detail was paid to all aspects of GABRIELLE CHANEL. Just as the bottle of the house’s iconic CHANEL No5 was created especially for the fragrance, so to was the bottle for GABRIELLE CHANEL. Great care was spent crafting the perfect repository for such a special fragrance. Where most perfumes have exhibited their luxury through weighty glass bottles, GABRIELLE CHANEL sets itself apart, like its namesake, in a delicate yet powerful thin-walled glass bottle. The bottle’s square shape is an homage to the iconic CHANEL fragrances that came before but it contains numerous technical feats that set it apart. The stopper, which is done is a matte lamé tone that borders between gold and silver, is inspired by the Haute Couture fabrics that the CHANEL Heritage department has lovingly preserved. The slightly curved bottom inside of the bottle, known as the “marloquette”, was pushed outward and polished to perfection in the crystal glassworks of Bohemia. When the bottle is viewed in profile, one can see the delicate walls of glass almost converge towards the center where the square label (done in the exact size of the stopper) is positioned so that light fully reflects off the facets. And just as the iconic CHANEL tweed jacket is lined to perfection, the fragrance is placed in a patented embossed interior that is a perfect imprint of the bottles silhouette so when removed, it emerges in a mirror image of itself.

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