Green Givenchy


Remember when you were young and desperate for your parents to buy you that cool shiny new toy? You gave impassioned speeches declaring that you would positively die if you didn’t get it. You leveraged promises of good behavior and chores done without complain as you hoped and prayed that toy into your possession. You might have even hopped about with barely contained excitement over the prospect of that toy becoming yours. I know I did.

That’s how I was when I saw this bag.

An actual squeal came out of my mouth as I sat on the couch next to Darling Husband as I pursued the latest additions to the LOVEthatBAG site while half watching the Daily Show. Then came the bouncing up and down. At this point, even the poodle was looking at me like I was crazy. Then the above mentioned wheeling and dealing kicked in. I have obsessed over this style of bag for the past few years and when I saw it in such a unique and stunning color, well…it had to be mine. It’s no secret I’m a big fan of LOVEthatBAG, I partner with them quite frequently after-all.  It’s because of their killer selection and fair prices that I stand behind the business and have become a loyal client since first meeting with their team. They also brought this amazing green goddess of a Givenchy into my life and at a price point that didn’t make Darling Husband’s eyes bulge out. And for that, I’ll love them forever.





Photography: Marcel Cristocea

Dress: c/o Toggery – Bag: Givenchy – Coat: ASOS -Boots: Frye – Sunglasses: Polette