January According to My Blackberry

Hello darlings, I’m back! Sorry for the four day blogger silence but my charger decided to die on me and the Apple Store decided to take forever to service my tiny little issue. All of that aside, I’m back and with oodles of new content that has been building up and that that I can’t wait to share with you! Things have been delightfully busy with school in full swing and wedding planning well under way. As we get closer and I make more solid decisions, I’ll definitely be sharing more here. My wonderful planner and I have a meeting scheduled for tomorrow, so lots of plotting and planning will be done. One decorative aspect that I really would love to bring in are chandeliers. Since the Montreal Science Center is such a gorgeous raw space, we really have the ability to get super creative with our decor. However, as much as my little heart is set on those chandeliers…it’s not the easiest thing to cart in, hang, and electrify. I’m excited to see what she’s come up with in the event that my beloved and admittedly, slightly ridiculous, chandeliers are a no go. Hope your week is off to a wonderful start!

Cocktails at the always wonderful Dominion-Studio visit with the amazing designer behind the line Mulcair

The poodle always keeps me company, even at my vanity-indulging in my love of cupcakes (for dinner)

Leaving dinner in the Old Port on a snowy night-Pois Penché for future brother-in-law’s 18th birthday

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  1. Love the chandelier idea! I went to a wedding a few years ago in a massive ballroom and the extra lighting was soooo romantic and it made it so much more personal!

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