Jouer: Perfect Red Collection

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I’ve made no secret of the fact that I adore Jouer Cosmetics. From their award winning Luminizing Moisture Tint to the Creme Eyeshadow Crayons that make achieving a smokey eye possible for even this one-trick makeup pony, Jouer is comprised of countless products that have become part of my daily makeup routine. Beloved by some of the top makeup artists in the beauty and fashion world, celebrities, and regular women alike, Jouer has released yet another stellar collection of lust worthy products. With their Perfect Red Collection, they’ve created a perfect share for every woman. I’ve tried all five of these lustrous red shades and let me offer one word: OBSESSED! They’re super creamy thanks to the moisturizing properties that are part of their formula, apply so smoothly, and are beautifully pigmented. However, one of my favorite features of this collection of reds is that they don’t bleed like so many of Jouer’s competitors.

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Lana:Perfect for blondes or those with light silver hair, this soft color you won’t worry about getting overpowered by your lipstick. This shade will also compliment those with brunette, black, and dark silver hair who prefer lighter colors.

Simone: For those with brunette, black, and dark silver hair, this red will enhance your dramatic hair coloring.

Ava: This is a wonderful well rounded red that will compliment both cool and warm tones.

Grace: For those with light to medium blonde or red hair who prefer lighter colors, this shade will give you warmth and a beautiful pop of radiance.

Sophia: This is a wonderful shade for medium to dark brunettes or medium to light blondes and red heads who like deeper colors. This is the perfect red shade to compliment and warm your complexion.

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