Jouer Spring Favorites


Since being introduced to Jouer a few months ago, I’ve become a total convert to the line. Save for my mascara and setting powder, every other piece of makeup I use is now from Jouer. Previously, I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m not the most adept makeup artist. I can do my simple cat eye or a full face of stage makeup but coming up with a pretty smokey eye, not so much. I end up looking like Kristen Wiig parodying the creepy water ghost from The Ring instead of the final picture in all of those Instagram tutorials that are supposed to show you how to do an oh-so easy smokey eye (lies…lies, I tell you!). However, with Jouer I feel like I’ve turned into the love child of Gucci Westmen and Pat McGrath. I kid you not when I say Jouer is idiot proof. I’ve even been able to master a pretty smokey eye at long last and thanks to the combination of their Matte Moisture Tint and  award winning Luminizing Moisture Tint, my skin has never looked so flawless. Back to the illusive smokey eye though. Enter the spring collection and its amazing Creme Eyeshadow Crayons. These little beauties help create the perfect smokey eye with only a few blending smudges. Like their other Creme Shaddows, these Crayons are so silky soft and apply easily and smoothly.


As for lips, you can never go wrong with any of Jouer’s pretty lip colors either in the form of their Cupuacu Butter infused lipsticks or their subtly sparkly Pearl Lip Enhancer or perfectly Tinted Lip Enhancer. The lipsticks in the photo above are their latest shades for spring, I’m loving the Meg for a pretty subtle pink lip that’s perfect for taking you from day to night and the Whitney for a bold pop of color that’s still tasteful. As for cheeks, you can get the perfect sun kissed look without having to risk later years spent as an old leather handbag thanks to Honeysuckle, the latest tint from the line. My final thoughts on the Spring collection of Jouer, love! Plain and simple: I love this line and it’s latest additions. From beautiful and functional packaging, to high quality formulas and ingredients, Jouer is truly a jewel in the overcrowded world of beauty products.



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