KIP. Sleepwear

I’m going to confess one of my little eccentricities to you darlings. I have this little compulsion where I need to sleep “pretty.” What is sleeping pretty you might ask? It’s having nice sheets on a neatly made bed and everything tucked in properly. Woe to an untucked corner or a comforter all askew. Unless my bed is in order before I fall asleep, I find that my sleep is off. My little routine is essential to feeling relaxed, calm, and ready for a good night’s sleep. And you know as a mum, a good night’s sleep is about as essential as the perfect pair of jeans in your wardrobe. For those of you who are rolling your eyes or thinking I’m sounding a wee bit crazy pants, you’re not alone. Darling Husband thinks this need to sleep “pretty” is insane. But to him, and to you dear doubters, I say pish. With our busy and often crazy lives, we should take the time to pamper ourselves in even the smallest way possible. Making sure my sleep situation is ideal is one of the easiest ways I can achieve this.

When I first came across KIP. on Instagram it was like I had found a kindred pretty sleep spirit in founder Natalie Marshall. This British born beauty set out to create sleepwear that was both totally cozy yet still flattering to a woman’s body. Utilizing 100% Egyptian cotton, these pyjamas are the definition of accessible luxury and perfect for embracing the concept of sleeping “pretty”. From the packaging to the pyjamas themselves, Natalie has put so much thought and love into the design of KIP. sleepwear. The fact that KIP. offers monogramming is simply the cherry on top of the “pretty” sleep sundae. Front the first time I donned my WestmountFashionista monogrammed grey stripped set, I knew I found the most wonderful pyjamas. They’re the most perfect addition to my sleeping “pretty” routine. In fact, even Darling Husband wishes he had a pair of KIP. pyjamas.

Make sure to scroll down to check out my exclusive interview with Natalie to see just how she achieves the perfect night’s sleep and what inspired her to create the ultimate sleepwear. You can also scoop up your own pair of KIP. pyjamas here!

What inspired the launch of KIP.?

KIP. was established to inspire the modern woman to invest in rest. Drawing from my childhood in the UK, I set out a mission to create a stylish, high quality, customizable European inspired pyjama that would speak to this mission.

Who is the KIP. client?

KIP. falls into the luxury category of the pyjama market and by selling our product online direct to our customers, we can offer a reasonable price point. Therefore we have a mix of customers ranging from those who have always bought luxury sleepwear to those who have not previously but are looking to gift themselves something special. We also cater to a significant amount of male customers looking to gift their loved one, which we find especially sweet! We’re excited to be a part of several weddings this summer! Brides-to-be love the idea of gifting their bridesmaids a monogrammed set of our pyjamas.

What sets KIP. apart in the realm of sleep and loungewear?

We believe the following three components set us apart…

Quality: KIP. pyjamas are made with superfine Egyptian cotton. It’s soft, it breathes and it moves with you.

Elegance: With silhouettes and fits that flatter, colors that enhance every skin tone and a classic design, our pyjamas were made for the modern woman

Bespoke: We offer monogramming option on every piece!

What’s your ideal bedtime routine?

Juggling the demands of a “start up” can be tough and I find it so important to properly wind down before I go to sleep! Removing makeup up, brushing teeth and slipping into a pair of KIP. pjs is the first step. I try to do this at least an hour before bed and make a conscious effort to avoid all electronic devices. I’m currently loving my aromatherapy diffuser and find the “sleep well” oils especially comforting. With a good book and herbal tea, I’m in complete bliss!