A few weeks ago, Darling Fiance and I went down to Philadelphia for a long weekend to spend time with my family. No matter what, when ever I’m back in Philadelphia a trip to Neiman Marcus is on my agenda. Darling Fiance was in need of some new work shirts so my mum and I took a slightly reluctant Darling Fiance and my father on an outing to Neimans. I was on really good behavior, barely taking a peek at the women’s section and instead focusing on finding just the right collar spread in just the right color for Darling Fiance. However….yes, of course you knew there was a however….I did take a little peek at the women’s shoes. And there they were. The last pair. In just my size. They were the most perfect chocolate brown, quasi-Eurotrash, thigh-high boots that I ever could have imagined. I slipped them on…just to try of course, and they were perfect. It was shoe kismet. By the way, yes I know that I sound positively ridiculous. Let me kindly introduce you to the latest addition to my closet full of crazy, the Christian Louboutin Tres Contente.

Jeans: J Brand

Boots: Christian Louboutin

Top: Bailey 44

Necklace: Vintage

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  1. OH.MY.GOD. You just killed me!!! Seriously, those boots are INSANE and you wear them (or they wear you!) exceptionally well, my dear. Love, love, love!!! And jealous as all get-out….why, oh why can’t we wear the same size, I ask you? It’s not too late for me to resurrect the ago-old practice of foot-binding…..lol!! Gorgeous!

    1. Why thank you! Looking at the Louboutin section on TheOutnet right now makes me want to join you in bringing back foot-binding, they have my perfect wedding shoes in a waaaaaay to small size.

    1. They’re seriously so close to be tacky that they’re fabulous, I feel like a could be on Footballers Wives with these shoes. I don’t know what ever happened to that show but it was such brilliant trash!

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