Leaving on a Jet Plane…Tips for Packing


With the summer season upon us, many of us will be taking off on long weekends and vacations. As for me, I’ll be setting off on Sunday night for an academic trip to Germany and Poland to take part in the March of Remembrance and Hope. I’ve mentioned before that I’m finishing a degree in History and that my work focuses on the Holocaust and other instances of genocide. This trip is giving me the opportunity to travel with other interested students, a Holocaust survivor, and educators to visit important sites in Berlin, Warsaw, and Krakow. I’m so thrilled and honored to be part of this amazing program so pardon my radio silence during the duration of my travels. Fret not though darlings, I’ve been a good little blogger and pre-planned posts for you to enjoy in my absence. That being said, I thought I’d share some of my favorite tips and tricks for packing. What are some of your tried and true ways of making the packing process easier?

1. Roll, don’t fold you clothing so you can maximize space. Whether you’re trying to keep to a roll-on suitcase to avoid checking baggage or you’re a serial over-packer who needs all the space they can get, rolling your items will allow you to condense your items the easiest.

2. Plan your outfits out ahead of time and group them accordingly in your suitcase. The more planning you do before your trip, the easier things will be when you arrive at your destination. There’s no need to waste precious time planning outfits each morning when you should be out enjoying yourself.

3. Be mindful of where you’re traveling and what sites you might be visiting when planning outfits. If your planning on visiting memorials or religious sites, you’ll want to make sure that you’ll have something to cover your shoulders and bottoms that are an appropriate length. From a mini skirt in Vatican City, to a tube-top at the Hagia Sofia, you don’t want to be “that” tourist.


4. Pack items that can transition from day to night with the addition of different shoes and accessories. A maxi dress is perfect for sightseeing during the day. By adding on some great statement jewelry and a higher heel, it transitions perfectly for dinner out.

5. Pack in layers. Start with your shoes on the bottom and work upwards. Your last layer should be items that can act as a protective shield against the top of your suitcase and can withstand being crushed.

6. Choose materials that will travel easily and will withstand being rolled up in your suitcase. Think blends, cotton mixes, and wool. These will stand up much better than silk and linen. After all, who wants to spend their vacation ironing?



  1. Natalie

    May 31, 2013 at 10:56 am

    Love this!!! I am a horrid packer and will usually make piles of what I want to pack in my office (and wait until super last minute to pack)… Will be using these tips for the few trips we have planned this weekend đŸ™‚

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