A little while ago, I had the pleasure of being introduced to the wonderful team behind the awesome jewelry line LITZI. Not only were Lynda and Alice totally lovely, they had such a fresh approach to the line they have created that I was instantly captivated. Promoting empowerment while cherishing the special people in their lives, they’ve created jewelry that is a celebration of all of the different roles we have as individuals. Both mothers themselves, they’ve also created pieces that celebrate this role but in a decidedly cool way. From delicate necklaces perfect for layering, to rings and earrings, the line is done in silver, white, yellow, and rose gold. I’ve been personally eyeing both the signet ring  and the Maman necklace. I love that these can be worn as a beautiful little every day nod to madam.

Make sure to scroll down to check out even more of their wonderful pieces and to get the low down on just how LITZI was launched, what inspires them, and their dedication to empowering their clients.

What inspired you to launch LITZI?

After meeting at a mutual friends party we struck up an instant rapport, becoming firm friends very quickly. We bonded over our children, international backgrounds, love of sports and passion for design. Both of us had jewellery backgrounds and we were discussing how we could make a piece of jewellery from Alice’s daughters first lost milk tooth as it was something she really wanted to preserve. We made a beautiful gold pendant and it snowballed from there!

Tell us a bit about LITZI

LITZI is a brand that we created to reflect some of our core values such as empowerment, individual strength and the power of friendship, particularly among women. Our design process involves creating pieces we want to wear that also empower us through what they represent. That could be your children, yourself, a boyfriend or husband, sister or friend, milestones or a sentiment of love or strength. Everyone has their own story and everyone has achieved something and we want you to be able to identify with our jewellery and feel empowered wearing it.

Who is the LITZI client?

From very early on we knew that the woman we were designing for was not of a particular demographic or ‘target audience’. We design to reflect emotion and attitude instead. It is a sense of self, reflected through the jewellery you wear. The priority for us is that our customer puts on their piece of LITZI jewellery in the morning and feels emboldened, be it by pride, love, strength or nostalgia.
That being the case, we have clients ranging from children to grandmothers and it’s always a thrill for us to see which pieces they choose to wear.
Through the KINGS collection it was important to us to design jewellery that men could also wear – so that makes us happy, to see our male clients wear the jewellery as well.  We love to learn through our clients and see what pieces attract them.

What are your favourite pieces to wear day-to-day and why?

Since it is jewellery that can be layered, we each have our current rotation of three to four pieces but that changes regularly. Lynda is wearing the LITZI script ‘mama’ and ‘kings’ necklaces, heart pendant and also a new piece from our numbers collection, her number 4.
Alice is rotating a LOVE and crown necklace, ‘maman’ (in LITZI script), her children’s initials and the new perspex love, in orange.

There’s a wonderful sense of personal empowerment with the KINGS collection, can you fill us in a bit more about it?

The KINGS collection is about inspiring an attitude to be your own KING.
As two women who are often evaluating the roles we have in our busy lives; from running our business, homes, being mothers, and the men in our lives, we feel strengthened through acknowledging that what we do is of worth. That is a detail that can get lost in the everyday hustle. Through our friendship, we found that telling each other we are KINGS was a powerful sentiment and it inspired us to set about designing jewellery to reflect that principle. It was liberating to embrace that emboldened stance. Wearing pieces from this collection, you’re projecting your own strength. Crowning yourself is both powerful and empowering.