March Le Chateau Le Style Challenge


This month’s Le Chateau Le Style Challenge was all about indulging in brand new Spring shoe styles and indulge I did. I not only picked up this beautiful little pair of tie flats in black, I also got them in a stunning nude as well.  I might have also picked up a knockout pair of red tie pumps you’ll be seeing later this week as well. Oops.

Paired with some of my other favorite Le Chateau pieces, both old and new, these flats are not only terribly chic but also quite comfortable. This style of shoe has become quite popular and as much as I love investing in designer footwear, this pair at under $50 couldn’t be passed up. I’d like to say I actually saved money with this purchase but Darling Husband would likely counter that by saying it’s not really saving, but rather “spending less”. On the topic of saving, how gorgeous is this cobalt blue Saint Laurent Cabas bag that I pulled from LOVEthatBAG for this look?! This style has now been officially added to my handbag wish-list thanks to this beautiful blue bag.






Photography: Eric Branover

Jacket/Turtleneck/Pants/Shoes: Le Chateau – Bag: Saint Laurent via LOVEthatBAG