I had the pleasure of working with some amazing women on this Valentines Day project with Tiffany & Co. and I can’t tell you how much I valued not only their help executing everything that went into these photos but also their input and creativity. When Jacqueline of MARGIT DAVID pulled out this breathtaking gown, I knew it would pair perfectly with the jewelry that Lilla from Tiffany & Co. put together when I asked her to create a totally glamorous yet still elegant and feminine set. Separately, the gown and jewelry are equally stunning. Yet when paired together, they represent my personal version of a fairytale. Not captured in these photos: me swishing about the penthouse of the Ritz Carlton residences basically living out all of my little girl dreams of being a princess. While the gown for yesterday’s post was inspired by my love of ballet and Audrey Hepburn, this amazing piece just exudes royal splendor. And as for the jewels, they’d be perfectly at home in the collection of any lucky woman, titled or not.





Photography: Marcel Cristocea

Jewelry: Tiffany & Co. – Gown: MARGIT DAVID – Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Tiffany Circlet necklace of round brilliant diamonds in platinum, 16” long, carat total weight 6.44
Victoria Key pendant platinum with round brilliant, marquise, and pear-shaped diamonds, 20”-long platinum chain sold separately
Victoria Bow earrings in platinum with round brilliant diamonds

2.59-ct cushion-cut fancy yellow diamond ring set in platinum and 18k yellow gold