MATRIX Color Lounge


I’m notoriously fussy about my hair. I actually travel back to Philadelphia to do my color because after one very bad experience, I’m very weary to cheat on my colorist. It also usually takes pleading, some shaming, and occasionally a glass of wine for her to even convince me to trim my hair. However, even though I always go back to the same blond tone I always wonder what a more drastic change would look like. Now thanks to MATRIX, I have the perfect tool to see just how I’d look as a red-head or with the pink ombré that I’ve always wanted to try but have been too much of a weeny to actually bite the bullet on actually doing. This leading haircare brand has just released the coolest app that allows you to see just how you’d look before committing to a color change. MATRIX Color Lounge is a virtual consultation allowing you to try different techniques and colors from the comfort of home on your smartphone or tablet. After uploading a photo of yourself, you’re able to test out countless permanent and semi-permanent hair colors and different techniques like ombré, highlights, and color-blocking. You’re also able to catch up on the latest hair trends and care lines to keep your hair and color in top shape.

You can download the app for free here for iPhone and here for Android.