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With my May 18th due date getting closer and closer, I’ve gone into major nesting mode. I’ve been organizing and purging our entire home in a way that I never thought was possible. The first room that I tackled was our second bedroom, which up until recently was my closet and is now in the process of becoming a beautiful nursery. With this major change came the need for me to seriously clean out my wardrobe. And clean I did! The result was 5 giant trash bags of clothing, shoes, and accessories ready for donation, passing on to friends and family, and selling. Thankfully, I was recently introduced to This awesome website is dedicated to the buying and selling of new and pre-owened designer items. Their mission is to make being part of the sustainable fashion movement as simple and effortless as possible. For buyers, there’s a constantly updated selection of designer goods at up to 80% off. For sellers, you’re offered a super competitive price for items that no longer suit you but are still in very good condition.

I decided to sell this beautiful Foley + Corinna bag and I couldn’t be happier with how easy MCouture has made the process. While this is a gorgeous bag that I still love, I’ve realized over the past few years that I really don’t carry it. Because of this, it’s the perfect item to sell to make a little more space in my wardrobe. MCouture sent me one of their consignment kits, which was a pre-paid shipping bag for me to fill with the item or items I wanted to consign or sell with them. After their experts checked everything over for quality and authenticity, the purse was listed online and now I’m just waiting for it to get scooped up by someone who will love and wear it.

MCouture is also running a fun contest for those interested in selling their own designer items. All you have to do is make a note on your shipping form that I sent you their way and you’ll have a chance at winning a $100 credit towards your next purchase with them!