Music Festival Ready Hair


With Osheaga starting this Friday, I’m focusing on putting the finishing touches on my looks and planning what acts are going to be at the top of my must-not-miss list. Thanks to Forever 21,  I’m all squared away outfit-wise. I might even have a few extra options. You know, just in case. That being said, the last item on my festival prep list is deciding what I’ll be doing with my hair. For Osheaga, I’ve styled three totally distinct looks thanks to Forever 21’s wide range of pieces and styles, and now I just need the right hair styles to match them.

I’ve been working with the crazy talented Kim of BlØME to try out some styles ahead of time and these are just a few of my favorites. Since the weekend is supposed to be nice and warm, I’ve been leaning towards beachy braids. These hair styles are perfect for beating the heat and have the tendency of looking even better as the day progresses.

Don’t forget, I’d also love to see your summer music festival styles utilizing your Forever 21 finds so make sure to tag @Forever21 and hashtag #F21xMe and #F21SummerCool. And for those attending Osheaga, don’t forget to say hi, maybe I’ll even snap you for my street style roundup that I’ll be sharing next week!






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