A New Chapter for Chanel CHANCE

Since its release, CHANCE, one of CHANEL’s most beloved fragrance lines, has captivated wearers with its four distinct and seductive scents. Now in 2018, the House of CHANEL has released some very special and exciting new limited edition CHANCE fragrant-based products . I recently had the pleasure of using a few of them and I’m thrilled to share my experience with you. Since first trying the CHANCE Body Oils, they have become a much loved addition to my daily toilette. This dry oil is incredibly lightweight and absorbs quickly and flawlessly leaving the skin silky smooth with a beautiful trace of the CHANCE fragrance. I’ve found these oils to be the perfect antidote to the dry and frigid winter days that seem to wreak havoc on my skin. I’ve been using CHANCE EAU TENDRE with its sweet, delicate floral and fruity notes that combine white musk and quince. And when needing a little burst of energy, I have found that CHANCE EAU VIVE offers the perfect afternotes of blood orange, cedar wood, and iris. The House also offers the classic CHANCE fragrance in a Body Oil, a beautiful scent for both everyday wear and special occasions that imparts a feeling of fresh optimism thanks to notes of pink peppercorn, jasmine, hyacinth, and musk. For those looking for a boost of freshness and vitality, CHANCE EAU FRAICHE has a beautiful floral bouquet with crisp lemony citron and vibrant teak wood notes that lends itself perfectly for daily use.  When pairing one’s mood with anyone of these 4 distinct CHANCE fragrances, there’s a captivating scent for almost any scenario.

Another favourite of mine from these special limited edition releases is the CHANCE EAU VIVE Twist and Spray. It is perfect for travel or for simply stashing in your bag. This charming little creation is as practical as it is captivating. I love that it also comes with two additional refill bottles, perfect for being on the going and traveling!