Nude Pumps

For my final wardrobe staple of the week, I give you the the nude pump darlings. Forget plastic surgery, this little shoe is the quickest way to give you extra-long looking legs. Paired with a nude leg, the nude pump gives the optical illusion of making your legs look longer due to the uninterrupted and seamless combination of nude on nude. Find the right tone for your skin tone and this is one of those great items that you can pretty much pair with anything in your closet. It’s also such a standard item that you should be able to find it in a wide variety of price points. As for this Old Navy utility vest, it also quickly became a staple in my closet and is getting quite a lot of use. It’s a great layering piece as well as being a great colour  for pairing with different prints and tones.

Sweater Dress: Vintage Michael Kors

Vest: Old Navy

Heels: Brian Atwood

Bracelets: Ardene, H&M, Saks

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