Old Favourites and New with Eliza J

You guys know how much I absolutely adore handbags and dresses – and this look is the perfect combination of these two loves. The dress is by a new favourite line of mine, Eliza J. Known for their feminine classic styles with just the right hint of current trends, their pieces are made to make the wearer feel beautiful. And that’s just how I felt in this adorable little green dress as proven by my twirling (pictured below). What I love about this dress (and the other dresses I have by Eliza J that I can guarantee you’ll be seeing here shortly), is that it’s cut perfectly to flatter the body, and made with pretty little details like the pleats right below the hips. It’s such a wonderful feeling when you feel not just good or great in a piece, but instead fabulous and amazing and ready to take on the world.

As for the Speedy on my arm, this is an old favourite that is a rather special piece. It’s my first designer bag, and one that I purchased for myself after working extra hours over Christmas break during my first year of University. I remember obsessing over it and vowing that it would be mine. I also remember the feeling of total accomplishment when I finally purchased it. It was a heady feeling – this combination of accomplishment and purchasing something that I had lusted after for so long. I guess you can say this little Louis Vuitton was my gateway bag and the beginning of my love of handbags.

Dress: c/o Eliza J – Bag: Louis Vuitton – Shoes: Brian Atwood