Osheaga Day 3


For the final day of Osheaga with Forever 21 I went with a much preppier look than the previous two days of the festival. While you might be sick of seeing these black moto boots three days in a row, I loved that they worked so well with each of my looks. I’m all for wearing thoroughly inappropriate yet beautiful footwear, but there was just no way I was going to be running around the huge festival venue in a pair heels or prim little ballet flats. Beaded pumps in snow…great, but not in the mud or amongst the dirt. I also loved how easy it was to create three distinct looks for the each day of Osheaga thanks to Forever 21’s huge and ever changing selection.

Not to be outdone by her two previous creations, Kim from BLØME created this fun take on a side dutch braid that I totally didn’t want to take out at the end of the day. It was such a simple yet totally fresh style that I found perfectly complimented my look and the heat of the day.





Dress, Hat, Boots: c/o Forever 21